Wednesday, March 7


I'm learning to appreciate the small moments in life.
It's difficult but also kind of enlightening :)
My brother Caleb and Scrapper
I finished a custom order the other night :) 
Meet Frankenstein's Monster and His Bride - the newest creation from Rawr Stitchings
Compliments to my friend for wearing the perfect shirt :)
More creations on the way :))))))

OH! And I finally got a chance to go shopping while waiting for my step-dad's watch to get repaired. It's so crazy how relieved I feel after shopping... 
BUT! I got some awesome new accessories and a super cute purse :) Can't wait to pair them and show you.
Here's a sneak peak:

[happy wednesday folks!!]


christine donee said...

what a fun creation! you da bomb!

Jade Hill said...

Loving the new RAWR babies!