Friday, March 9


Yesterday was sooooo beautiful! It seriously felt like summer :) Which is my second favorite season (next to fall). Sadly, because I haven't been home in what feels like forever (living at my mother's now to care for her since her return from the hospital - woop woop) I packed for winter weather; seems like the seasons can't decide between winter & summer lol. Sorry, no brilliant colors till I get to return home and repack :) - watch it turn wintery again lol.

Anyways! I'm yammering. I love this top just the same and if you can't tell I found my new favorite pair of jeans hehe.

Fell in love with this combination of bracelets :) They were the perfect completion for my fit :)
I got this adorable chain necklace for $2 from Icing :) Again, LOVE sales!!! Originally $18 Consists of black, gold and silver. Still looking for a big chain necklace.

[happy friday lovlies!]


Sara Bell said...

Ooh I love those jeans! I can't really pull jeans off, but this is one of those looks I'd definitely go for if I could!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

aw, i love your bag girl! and your jeans are definitely cute :)
xo TJ

Jade Hill said...

Oh hunny I love this top! very slimming very cute very professional! I love it! Cute bag too!

❤AdamAlexMommy❤ said...

those are great pair of jeans. you look amazing. that bag is fabulous! xoxo

Alicia Michelle said...

LOVE the whole outfit! Especially the purse!