Friday, November 30

fashion friday!

Welcome to my first Prego Fashion Friday :)
Course I'm linking up with the lovely Blonde Episodes
Check out all the link-ups for total fashion inspiration :)

Just some photos from a fun night being prego with my friends & hubby :)

It was such a fun night and Daymien was an angel :)
Course Cranberry Juice on the rocks with cherries can do that to a person hehe

[happy friday!!!]

Thursday, November 29

you're a scary whale

Since it's out that I'm prego now
Thought I would share some photos that I omitted from my halloween post because you can TELL I'm prego lol

These are some of my favorites from Halloween too
Yes, Lindo is totally overexcited and it tickles me
 The photo below SHOCKED me
I was almost 3 months and I looked like a whale!

[happy thursday!!!]

Wednesday, November 28

big news

So if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, then you already know the big news :)
I'm going to be a mommy!!

Daymien Hermelindo Garcia will be joining our family on May 9th (given he's not an early bird hehe)
Right now I am 4 months into my pregnancy and really look like I swallowed a basketball
(sometimes I feel like I swallowed one too lol)

Lindo & I are SUPER excited to be welcoming him into the world 
And I'm really excited to start doing some prego swag fashion for you guys :)
Given I feel up to the challenge everyday hehe

Can't wait till you get here lil man
Mommy & Daddy are overjoyed
[happy wednesday!!!]

Friday, November 16

fashion friday!

Happy Fashion Friday everyone!
Of course I'm linking up with the lovely Blonde Episodes
And today my fashion friday is a little different :)

I've been really getting into appreciating photography lately
And I found that my favorite photos are those taken in nature
With fashion involved of course!
These were some of my week favorites that I wanted to share :)

What places inspire your fashion?

[happy friday!!!]

Thursday, November 15


Today when I was on the train headed home, an old man kept staring at me.
At first I was a little creeped out
But then he said to me
"Your beauty is mostly on the inside"
How sweet!
Course I don't know how he could know that
We had not said one word to each other
But I'm just going to run with it

Is beauty measured by the inside or outside?

[happy thursday!!!]

Wednesday, November 14


What is it about fashion that attracts you to it?
Is it the vibrant colors?
The individual style?
Or is it the way fashion can make you feel?

I find that when I'm dressed my personality morphs a little bit to take on the look I'm going for.
Fashion is my inspiration.

Why is it yours?

[happy wednesday!!!]

Monday, November 12

hey coffee lovers!

I just received some devastating news :(

Coffee is going EXTINCT!
Given I will be in my 90s when it happens but still!
This article was sent to me and I did a little research of my own.
All of it makes me sad lol.

Fellow coffee lovers, let's raise awareness!

[happy monday!!!]

Friday, November 2

fashion friday

YAY! It's Fashion Friday!
And of course I'm linking up with the lovely Blonde Episodes

I want to talk about 

Holiday shopping is not always the easiest thing to do.
Especially when you have that picky mom, the unsatisfied sister or the grumpy aunt (lol).
Here to make our shopping lives easier is Very!

Linking up with me for Fashion Friday comes Very with advice, their favorite selections and holiday relief.

Jeans are a staple item of most wardrobes. Everyone has their favourite pair, but they will
inevitably rip and wear away and the time will come when a new pair must be bought. There are
many different styles and fashion keeps changing so it can be difficult to find a pair the same as
your beloved old ones.

If this is the case then embrace it, it could be time for a new look! Each cut of jeans can
complement an outfit differently. Here are a few ideas about how to create a new look beginning
with a pair of jeans.

A very versatile style, skinny jeans really show off your figure. They look fantastic worn under any
pair of boots. This autumn there are loads of biker style boots in the shops which, when paired
with skinny jeans and a leather jacket, will give you a real rock 'n' roll style.

Or, if you prefer, you can team a black pair with some boots with a stiletto heel, making you the
ultimate femme fatale. If you want to revive that summer feeling pick a pair in a bright colour, just
be careful they don’t clash with the rest of what you’re wearing.

If skinny jeans are not for you, you can go for the more classic style of bootcut jeans. They are
always around somewhere and never really go out of fashion. They are quite an understated and
mature style and as such are great with pretty much anything.

Either keep comfy in a t-shirt or jumper, or dress them up with a blouse and heels. A short jacket
will also look great, especially in a bold colour to counteract the dark shade of your jeans. Because
they flare out slightly at the bottom they will go over any pair of boots and shoes just fine. You
could try to find a pair of cute pumps to match your top.

Taking inspiration from the 60s, flared jeans can look great if worn right. You must have the
right pair of shoes on to make flared jeans look good: the hem needs to be an inch or less off the
ground, so take a pair with you when going shopping.

High waisted flares look really good with a simple t-shirt or blouse tucked in. Generally the longer
your legs, the more flared you can go. Flared jeans that are skinny at the thigh and do not flare
until the calf look great on anyone.

[happy friday!!!]