Friday, December 28

fashion friday!

Sorry I have been MIA
I have been working on my online store :)

Just got in a whole bunch of super cute and affordable new items!!!
Plus, now until December 31st I am offering FREE SHIPPING 
Use coupon code: BYEBYE12

Here's a sneak peak of some of my favorite items.
Be sure to check everything out and get FREE SHIPPING 

 Olive Cardigan (comes in charcoal gray as well)
 Pink Floral Blazer ( comes in ivory, khaki, olive, red & black)
Red Striped Sleeve Cardigan (also comes in blackyellowblue, and purple)

Also, I am super excited to introduce our Plus Size line :)
It's been highly requested so we have incorporated a ton of cute styles to our website:

 Tie Sleeve Orange Tunic (also comes in magenta)

Hope you're having a wonderful Friday!!!
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[happy friday!!!]

Thursday, December 13


Have you ever heard or told someone
"You're eating for two now"?
Well I have! Both heard and told folks this LIE! lol

It wasn't until after I got pregnant that I was told you only need an apple and a glass of non-fat milk a day extra!
One of the reasons I was so happy to get pregnant was so I could eat until my heart was content and then loose all the weight when the baby got here (hehe)
What a sad, heartbreaking misconception lol.
And how dare the holidays come around just as I want to eat the planet whole pretty much 50% of the time
Seriously when my doctor told me about the apple and milk thing I must have looked at her like a cat put out in the snow

'What do you mean only an apple and a glass of NON-FAT milk a day!!!!????'
I wanted to ask her if she understood that I am STARVING most the day lol

Just thought I would share my battle for the week lol
I know, I'm dramatic haha
But don't come between a prego lady and her food hehe

[happy !!!]

Tuesday, December 11

sparkle time of year

I love that it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
My Christmas party is this weekend and this tree in Burbank totally got me in the decorating mood :)
Time to get my creative sparkle cap going
It's time to get decked out :)

What's your favorite holiday thing?
Mine is lights and sparkle :)

P.S. tomorrow is my golden birthday :)

[happy tuesday!!!]

Monday, December 10

prego moment

You know how pregnant women get these weird cravings?
Well I haven't had any of THOSE yet
But I did have a hankering for some Arbys
Bad Amber, but it was just a moment

Did you ever get weird or have-to-have-now food urges while you were prego?
Or know anyone who did?
Hehe. I made my drink look like a fly :)
....and it was :)

[happy monday!!!]

Friday, December 7

fashion friday!

Happy Friday everyone!
So glad it's Friday
Ready to go home and kick my feet up
And sleep! Oh I love sleep right now lol
Everyone tells me if they could give me one good piece of advice, it would be to sleep
Cause it ends, abruptly lol
So that's my plan for the weekend
Got any plans this weekend?

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Have a great weekend everyone!

[happy friday!!!]

Thursday, December 6

light me up

Okay, confession
I'm a little obsessed with Target
And they keep coming up with adorable stuff!
It's hard to look away lol

A few weeks ago I saw these adorable lamps 
I took some photos as Lindo and I sat there playing house with them lol
I totally forgot to share!
Just a couple of my favorites :)

[happy thursday!!!]

Wednesday, December 5

prego swag

What's with the weather?
Hot, cold, hot, cold lol
So I dressed for both :)

And just to give you a glimpse of baby Daymien's progress :)
This photo doesn't do him justice
Cause he's such a big boy now hehe

[happy wednesday!!!]

Tuesday, December 4

how i love you

I'm going to see Daymien today :)
We have two doctor appointments where I'm hoping I'll get to see him wiggle, kick and dance around 
I can't wait!!

In the meantime thought I would show some of my progress
From month 1
To month 3 (I'll have an updated one for month 4 soon) !

So excited for my growing boy :)

[happy tuesday!!!]

to you girly

I just want to say
to this gorgeous girl!

You're not only my best friend, but my big sister as well :)
I love you girly!
Thank you for everything you do
You truly have helped shaped me into the person I am today 

Here's to another 10 years of besties!!