Monday, October 31

Sick Little Pumpkin

I will have lots to share tomorrow, but wanted to give you a little treat today :)
We had a cookie decorating contest at work today and I won second place for my sick pumpkin :)
Sugar Cookie
Buttercream Icing (green & orange food dye, chocolate is chocolate lol)
Chocolate chip eyes
Hot Tamales for barf :)

Until tomorrow my friends!

Friday, October 28

it's a party

In honor of the followers fest, I have prepared something special for you :)
A cute little Halloween recipe that is super yummy and great for kids - no I did not come up with it, I got it from a follow blogger :) those are the best.  And since I know all the mommies will be making treats for this coming Monday, hope this helps! 
Also!! If you heard about my blog from the followers fest, please comment below and become a follower and I will follow you back!!  Enjoy!
And Happy Halloween :)

 Whoopie Pies 


3 c sugar
1 c butter
4 eggs
1/2 c vegetable oil
1 tbsp vanilla extract
6 c flour
2 c cocoa powder
1tsp baking powder
1 1/2 tbsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
3 c milk
Frosting filling {Duncan Hines}


Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Mix all dry ingredients.
Add eggs, sugar, butter, oil, vanilla, milk.
Scoop out spoonfuls and place on greased baking sheet 2 inches apart.
Gently flatten tops of balls with your spoon.
Bake for 7 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.
Let cool completely.
Frost half of your pies with vanilla frosting
(Thanks Dunkin Hines)
Place remaining pies on top.


Fill a shallow bowl with desired amount of sprinkles.
Gently roll frosted whoppie pies in sprinkles until covered.


amber soup

This morning I came downstairs, rushing to get myself all prettied for work.  I was being as quiet as possible though and I guess it worked because usually Belle is up and ready for me to say good morning to her.  Look what I found when I came downstairs....
My baby girl, Belle :)

 Course I have no idea what THAT feels like; it's foreign to me. I haven't had the chance to just relax in such a long time. Lately I'm been feeling a little overwhelmed; with the businesses, work, the house decorating, the cooking, being a wifey lol.  There's always something to do.

So last night, I did the one thing I could to relax my mind, ease some tension - even if it was for only 26 minutes.  I took the hottest bath possible.  *bliss*

I readied my towels (yes, plural - I'm a girl I need a towel for my head and another for my body lol), got my candle, a lighter, turned my phone to the relaxing sounds of a thunderstorm (reminds me of home), took a shower, wrapped my head and filled the tub to the brim with steaming HOT water (Lindo always teases me by saying "You making Amber soup?!." cause I get the water super hot).

It was SO nice to just relax for a moment; course 4 minutes into my relaxation, the hubby barges in, turns on the lights, opens the curtain and says "When can I shower?". 

End of my relaxing moment; back to reality lol.

Thursday, October 27

Halloween Glimmer, Glam & Shimmer

So it seems that people like sales (duh Amber lol), so I've decided in honor of Halloween (which is the best time to dress up, try new things and get a little insane lol), to offer another big sale!!  This one is so special that it's not even offered on my website; only to you wonderful readers!  Two colors available:

Shimmer Layered Spaghetti Strap Tops!
Available in small, medium, large & XL :)
Comment below, or send me an email.
3 Days ONLY!
$13! And FREE shipping!

Happy Halloween

Tuesday, October 25

$5 Off & Free Shipping Readers!

Because I LOVE LOVE LOVE the rain, I'm making everyone a deal on one of my new favorite jackets that just came in stock this fall!
Navy Zip Up and Toggle Clasp Jacket With a Faux Fur Lined Hooded Sweater.  Front Pockets and Cinched Sleeves are just a bonus to this wonderful, warm jacket.
Made from 63% Cotton, 32% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Sizes available: Small, Medium & Large

Originally $49.99 and on sale on my website for $44.99, Redhead Daybook readers get this jacket for $39.99 with FREE SHIPPING!  Use coupon code: RAIN2011 (good for today ONLY)
If your size runs out, please send me an email with this coupon code in the subject line and I will get your size and apply the code.

Enjoy lovlies :)

Pregnant Little Princess Do

I have SUPER uncontrollably curly hair (sorta lol) and I've been wanting to try out different looks - even bold ones (yes!).  So one of the blogs I stalk mentioned that she was going to try to do the Audrey Hepburn look (who I love!) and she posted her results....
 totally cute!
By the way, she's pregnant and just radiant!

So, feeling inspired and a little courageous last night, I attempted the look.  Needless to say it was not the same as my pregnant little princess above.  I look more like I should be at the gym, or just getting back from the gym lol. 

So FAIL lol. I'll keep researching and attempting new looks.  If you have one that totally works for you or one that would maybe work for me, let me know :) I'm willing to try just about anything lol.

Happy Tuesday <3

Monday, October 24

Bring Out The Dragon!

Warning: I went a little crazy with the photo taking this weekend.  But there were too many great shots not to share :)  Hope you enjoy!

I went to my little brother's soccer game this weekend (such a blast!). I realized that kids make the best team players.  I guess as we grow older we take on the mindset of "I can do this all by myself".  I watched the younger kids first (6 year olds) and then I watched my brothers' (12 years old).  The 6 year olds were SUPER fun to watch! They were so agressive and a little clumsy. But they would run and you could tell they thought they were the fastest persons alive! It was so cute! It was really something to watch these 2 feet tall kids run after this ball with all their might (even if they were going the wrong direction lol).  They were using everything God gave them: their heads, shins, feet, even their faces!! One kid threw his arms to the side like he was flying when he ran down field after the ball.  I swear he thought he was a superhero about to save the world lol. The best part from both games (to me) were when the goalies (think that's what they are called) hurled themselve down to the ground on top of the ball...and the ball was just strolling into their side.  It was so dramatic and wonderful to watch.  I really LOVED it.

These are the younger kiddos:

One of the shots where the goalie girl threw herself to the ground (AMAZING)!

Course I looked like one of the crazy soccer mom's that show up 2 hours before the game with the mini van full of kids and snacks and chairs. Not because I drive a mini van , or brought tons of kids and snacks.  But because I was seriously so into the game I found myself jumping out of my chair screaming and yelling for the kids to "follow the ball!", "kick it into the goal!", "bring out the dragon!!" (personal favorite line to yell at my brother when I think he's not running and kicking and frailing himself around enough lol). I thought I was embarrassing him, but turns out, all the kids wanted me to yell "bring out the dragon" at them so they  could roar and run as fast as they could at the person with the ball lol.  It was awesome. 

We had a tie game, but I've never seen them play harder.  So awesome.

Here's some really cool (pfft who says cool anymore? lol) shots of my brothers game (he's the cute little blonde lol).

I don't mind being this little man's "Soccer Mom", it was fun and I love my little booger.

Friday, October 21

Effect Me

I got this new phone and of course I have to test out the camera (best moments of my day are the photos hehe).  So I took the photos - in the bathroom like every girl lol - and then I have a little edit button that allows me to try different effects on the photos I've taken.  I've gone CrAzY with my photo taking since I found out about this option; but it's so much fun!!
 Yes.  I taped a photo of Lindo and I to my phone (we have matching cases - not because we think it's cute to match as a couple but it's seriously the BEST case).  Ghetto I know, but ghetto sometimes works for me; this is one of those times :)
 This option is called Cinnamon. I LOVE this one! Course the only thing is because I have redhair, this effect takes away from that.  But I still LOVE it! Reminds me of fall/pumpkins/cinnamon (hints the name I guess lol)
This effect is called Lively. Everyone seems to love this option. It really brightens things up :)

Hoping to have super cute photos to post from now on :)

Are You Smelling Me?

So I got this awesome new fragence from Victorias Secret (addicted to that store) called Tease.  So, the last two nights I have been spraying myself before jumping into bed (figure I must smell good for sleeptime and what if I hubby wants to cuddle up).

So last night, all snuggled under the thousand blankets and 10 pillows I love to sleep with, Lindo wraps his arms around me and buried his nose in the back of my head and inhaled...DEEPLY.  Then he moved around my neck, shoulders, back, hair back to neck sniffing me.  It was cute when he first inhaled my hair and then tickled at my neck and then got weird as he moved around my body.  "Are you smelling me?" (I know how much more obvious could I make it).  "You smell (pause, inhale) you smell (pause, moves to new spot, inhales), you smell..." At this point I'm like OHMYGODISTINK! I'm just about to jump out of bed and just hit the shower again when he finishes his inspection of me...
 "You smell like coffee.  Almost like Pumpkin". I BUST up laughing.  "I had a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks today".  He smells me again "Mmmmm. You're pores are omitting the coffee!!! How insane.  And good".  I smile and think, I know it's the new fragence, but it doesn't smell like pumpkin spice to me?  Maybe I do leak coffee.... haha.  I smile, snuggle into the hubby and pass out to his nose breathing deeply and slightly into the back of my neck.

Thursday, October 20

To Pacito, on your birthday:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You just turned 22
But look like 42
It’s your birthday
This is my song
I got you a sweet gift
It’s a man thong
Don’t be shy
Just put it on
It will look great
No it’s not wrong
I’m just kidding
I didn’t get you a thong
But if I did
I know you would put it on
Hehe. I’m just kidding
Just messing around
Hope your birthday was awesome
Hope you hired a clown

Roses are red

Violets are blue
It was your birthday
Happy birthday old friend, my best wishes to  you
Paco Salazar, 22

Two Free GIfts

Materialize Me & Jade Night-Photography are having a giveaway!
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A lucky subscriber will be picked and receive TWO (not one) gifts!!!!!
Good Luck!

Life Is Funny....

Life is funny sometimes. 
Sometimes you can be having the worst day and all you can do is laugh about it.... literally. This morning I couldn't decide what to wear to work (always how these days start), and of course the outfit I picked out the night before doesn't look as good as it did last night when I picked it out. So since I spend so much time getting my fit together, I don't have time to do my hair and I rush my makeup (thank goodness for straightening irons the night before hehe).  

So now there's traffic because I didn't leave on time and therefore I'm late for work (ughers). Walking up the street from the train station (only way to travel in LA these days) my phone is blowing up from the texts people sent me while I was underground and the phone freaks out, freezes and laughs at me (not literally, but it might as well have).

To top it off, my computer bag is knocking against my knees and my since I have both my purse (that houses my whole world in it and then some) and my computer bag on one shoulder, my clothes are all disarrayed and the cloud that decided to grace me with it's presence is frizzing my already undone hair.

So now, at work, I'm drinking my coffee and trying to calm my nerves and answer the bajillan emails people have sent me (like I work around the clock) and I get a text from my bestie that says "you're beautiful".

My hubby, my brother and my trip to Jack in the Box.
Live, Laugh, Love: motto for life.

Wednesday, October 19

When I Grow Up I Want to be a Big Sister

I think having little brothers is the best thing in the world!

 They know how to make you laugh when we're feeling stressed out.

They remind us of the good things in life when we only think about work and what we're going to wear the next day.
 But most of all they remind me how to laugh, enjoy life and live in the moment.

I love my little stinkers.  They make life full and my heart big.

Tuesday, October 18

It Was A Simi Light & Cloudy Morning

You know how those ghost stories around the campfire always start with "It was a dark and stormy night"? Well that was my morning, except cloudy instead of stormy and simi light instead of darkness. And because it was so "spooky" eveeryone on the freeway were driving like 5-10mph and stopping every few feet. Literally took me an hour and 4 minutes to drive 8 miles. That's LA for you.

I could have taken the streets, but I thought it was more fun to be part of the group :)

Monday, October 17

Life Should Be A Party

Saturday night was the first night of Halloween for me :)

Very last minute (as in a text came in 4 hours nefore the party started - which is like telling a female she's late). So I scrambled around trying to throw together a fit out of 10 other outfits to get the perfect costume...FAILED. So I hit Party City.

Found a ton of cute items but of course being a girl, you want to look GORGEOUS, not scary - even though it IS Halloween lol. I messed around with the idea of 4 fairies, 2 angels, a pinup girl, a nurse, a cop and an army difficult being a girl :)In the end I went with one of the classics: "Angel of Death". Which really was just me wanting a reason to wear my cute tutu and corset in the same fitting lol. So I threw together my black tights (like), my black tutu (love), my black corset (double love) and the black wings I got from Party City (LOVE!) I was going to throw the fit off with some neon pink hair, but for the time restraint I had, thought natural would be best :) OH!! And a last minute find....glitter eyelashes! Wonderful.

Of course before hitting the party, we have to bring some party favors. So, we stopped at our local 7-eleven :) It was so fun to walk into the crowded mini store dressed up head to toe while everyone wore there casual 'let's go to the bar' clothes...pedistrian lol. I was feeling cute.

The party was a blast and turned out to be a bit of a reunion - got to see old friends that I haven't seen in months, even years! Danced to 4 million songs, stood in line for 2 hours to pee (just to get told there was a secret bathroom that my girlfriend and I could use...great). It was a blast.

Looking forward to the rest of the month :) Only thing now is I HAVE to get more outfits. Hoping to make some of my own; I'll share if I come up with anything.


Friday, October 14

Pumpkin Vase Flower Arrangement {in 5 minutes or less}

Pumpkin Vase Flower Arrangement

{in 5 minutes or less}

When a talented friend of mine told me that she uses those fake pumpkins from craft stores to make flower arrangements and table center pieces, I knew I had to try it out for myself!

Aside from the fact that the flowers from my garden are almost dead, I am still in love with the end result. Just imagine when I buy fresh flowers for this arrangement!
Ready to make your own?!

Fake carvable pumpkin {purchased at Michael's}

Small vase {from Dollar Tree}

Steak knife for carving

Flowers from your garden or from the Dollar Store

I made one white and one orange pumpkin - not sure which one is my favorite yet.

Just like you are carving a real pumpkin, cut out the lid - be sure the opening is large enough to slip the vase through.

Place your vase into the center of the pumpkin.

Add water to the vase

You only want the flower {not the stems} to show in this arrangement - so trim down the stems. And then arrange your flowers - THAT'S IT!!!

Materialize Your Life