Monday, October 24

Bring Out The Dragon!

Warning: I went a little crazy with the photo taking this weekend.  But there were too many great shots not to share :)  Hope you enjoy!

I went to my little brother's soccer game this weekend (such a blast!). I realized that kids make the best team players.  I guess as we grow older we take on the mindset of "I can do this all by myself".  I watched the younger kids first (6 year olds) and then I watched my brothers' (12 years old).  The 6 year olds were SUPER fun to watch! They were so agressive and a little clumsy. But they would run and you could tell they thought they were the fastest persons alive! It was so cute! It was really something to watch these 2 feet tall kids run after this ball with all their might (even if they were going the wrong direction lol).  They were using everything God gave them: their heads, shins, feet, even their faces!! One kid threw his arms to the side like he was flying when he ran down field after the ball.  I swear he thought he was a superhero about to save the world lol. The best part from both games (to me) were when the goalies (think that's what they are called) hurled themselve down to the ground on top of the ball...and the ball was just strolling into their side.  It was so dramatic and wonderful to watch.  I really LOVED it.

These are the younger kiddos:

One of the shots where the goalie girl threw herself to the ground (AMAZING)!

Course I looked like one of the crazy soccer mom's that show up 2 hours before the game with the mini van full of kids and snacks and chairs. Not because I drive a mini van , or brought tons of kids and snacks.  But because I was seriously so into the game I found myself jumping out of my chair screaming and yelling for the kids to "follow the ball!", "kick it into the goal!", "bring out the dragon!!" (personal favorite line to yell at my brother when I think he's not running and kicking and frailing himself around enough lol). I thought I was embarrassing him, but turns out, all the kids wanted me to yell "bring out the dragon" at them so they  could roar and run as fast as they could at the person with the ball lol.  It was awesome. 

We had a tie game, but I've never seen them play harder.  So awesome.

Here's some really cool (pfft who says cool anymore? lol) shots of my brothers game (he's the cute little blonde lol).

I don't mind being this little man's "Soccer Mom", it was fun and I love my little booger.


Bon Bon said...

I went to my 6 year old cousin's soccer game this past weekend:-) Hilarious! xoxo

Materialize Me said...

OMG! So you got to see first hand what I'm talking about. How funny!! I think the 6 year olds are the best :) Made my week.