Wednesday, October 12

The Reason Life Happens

My bestie and I are getting together today, as we do every week, to catch up, hang out, get advice, laugh and over analysis our lives. It's something we have been doing for the past 9 years. Tonight is going to be different, because tonight is when we find out that our lives as besties, people and individuals is going to change.

Karis and I have been best friends since the 8th grade. We have shared our whole life together; boys, periods, first kisses, high school, diplomas, work, has happened. This weekend, Karis fell in love. This weekend, I picked out my engagement ring....

It's scary in a way to find that there are men in our life that we are committing to, making promises to and giving peices of ourselves to. Secretly I fear that she and I will grow apart. Not because we have special men in our lives, but because...Life Just Happens. Marriage comes along, kids, home mortgages, unexpected surprises. Part of me grieves for tonight's encounter (although life isn't changing because our men are proposing, or we are leaving to another country TONIGHT), but tonight we are going to open our hearts and minds to the idea of life apart.

Her man lives in another country. Mine is deciding to make a life with me. I'm excited for the both of us. Captivated by the idea of being someone's right hand woman, counterpart, partner in crime...wife. But sadden by what all of this is going to mean for Karis and I.

Karis is my sister in spirit. My rock when I'm weak. The person who picks me up and makes me see the sunshine when all I feel is the rain.
Comtemplating life is making things boil down to the stem for me. I'm excited and scared. But I guess that's the reason life just happens. Because you are never ready for change. You may prepare and go through scenerios in your head; thinking your Batman and your ready for the all the things Gotham has to throw your way. But when it happens you feel lost and confused. Excited and overwhelmed.

I've decided I love not being able to be fully prepared for life. Without things happening randomly, life would be dull, uncomplicated and unexciting in my book. You learn to adapt or you learn to let go. Karis and I will adapt. She's worth fighting for. Valueable beyond all the chaos and drama that seems to find it's why into my rainbow filled world.

So here's to the reason life just happens. Because if you wait till you're fully ready, it won't happen at all.


Mr$. JW said...

OMG you just made me cry.. this is so real & so deep. Karis is very blessed to have you! I wish you both nothing but the best in your new journeys! This makes me think a lot about my best friend whom I dont see nearly as much as I'd like to because our schedules conflict so much.. life has most def happened for us too. I know it will be hard to not see her as often as you'd like but she is just a skype, text, FB or phone call away! Be strong! Love ya ;)

Materialize Me said...

Aw. I'm glad to be inspirational lol. And you are amazing Chelle.
Thank you <3