Thursday, October 20

Life Is Funny....

Life is funny sometimes. 
Sometimes you can be having the worst day and all you can do is laugh about it.... literally. This morning I couldn't decide what to wear to work (always how these days start), and of course the outfit I picked out the night before doesn't look as good as it did last night when I picked it out. So since I spend so much time getting my fit together, I don't have time to do my hair and I rush my makeup (thank goodness for straightening irons the night before hehe).  

So now there's traffic because I didn't leave on time and therefore I'm late for work (ughers). Walking up the street from the train station (only way to travel in LA these days) my phone is blowing up from the texts people sent me while I was underground and the phone freaks out, freezes and laughs at me (not literally, but it might as well have).

To top it off, my computer bag is knocking against my knees and my since I have both my purse (that houses my whole world in it and then some) and my computer bag on one shoulder, my clothes are all disarrayed and the cloud that decided to grace me with it's presence is frizzing my already undone hair.

So now, at work, I'm drinking my coffee and trying to calm my nerves and answer the bajillan emails people have sent me (like I work around the clock) and I get a text from my bestie that says "you're beautiful".

My hubby, my brother and my trip to Jack in the Box.
Live, Laugh, Love: motto for life.

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