Friday, October 21

Effect Me

I got this new phone and of course I have to test out the camera (best moments of my day are the photos hehe).  So I took the photos - in the bathroom like every girl lol - and then I have a little edit button that allows me to try different effects on the photos I've taken.  I've gone CrAzY with my photo taking since I found out about this option; but it's so much fun!!
 Yes.  I taped a photo of Lindo and I to my phone (we have matching cases - not because we think it's cute to match as a couple but it's seriously the BEST case).  Ghetto I know, but ghetto sometimes works for me; this is one of those times :)
 This option is called Cinnamon. I LOVE this one! Course the only thing is because I have redhair, this effect takes away from that.  But I still LOVE it! Reminds me of fall/pumpkins/cinnamon (hints the name I guess lol)
This effect is called Lively. Everyone seems to love this option. It really brightens things up :)

Hoping to have super cute photos to post from now on :)


Candace Stevenson said...

ahaha gotta love cinnamon! You are lovely :)
Lovely Little Rants

Materialize Me said...

Awe. Thank you girly. And agreed cinnamon is one of my favorite spices :) especially cinnamon toast! Both the cereal and the actual toast :)

Thanks for enjoying