Monday, October 17

Life Should Be A Party

Saturday night was the first night of Halloween for me :)

Very last minute (as in a text came in 4 hours nefore the party started - which is like telling a female she's late). So I scrambled around trying to throw together a fit out of 10 other outfits to get the perfect costume...FAILED. So I hit Party City.

Found a ton of cute items but of course being a girl, you want to look GORGEOUS, not scary - even though it IS Halloween lol. I messed around with the idea of 4 fairies, 2 angels, a pinup girl, a nurse, a cop and an army difficult being a girl :)In the end I went with one of the classics: "Angel of Death". Which really was just me wanting a reason to wear my cute tutu and corset in the same fitting lol. So I threw together my black tights (like), my black tutu (love), my black corset (double love) and the black wings I got from Party City (LOVE!) I was going to throw the fit off with some neon pink hair, but for the time restraint I had, thought natural would be best :) OH!! And a last minute find....glitter eyelashes! Wonderful.

Of course before hitting the party, we have to bring some party favors. So, we stopped at our local 7-eleven :) It was so fun to walk into the crowded mini store dressed up head to toe while everyone wore there casual 'let's go to the bar' clothes...pedistrian lol. I was feeling cute.

The party was a blast and turned out to be a bit of a reunion - got to see old friends that I haven't seen in months, even years! Danced to 4 million songs, stood in line for 2 hours to pee (just to get told there was a secret bathroom that my girlfriend and I could use...great). It was a blast.

Looking forward to the rest of the month :) Only thing now is I HAVE to get more outfits. Hoping to make some of my own; I'll share if I come up with anything.


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