Friday, October 14

Pumpkin Vase Flower Arrangement {in 5 minutes or less}

Pumpkin Vase Flower Arrangement

{in 5 minutes or less}

When a talented friend of mine told me that she uses those fake pumpkins from craft stores to make flower arrangements and table center pieces, I knew I had to try it out for myself!

Aside from the fact that the flowers from my garden are almost dead, I am still in love with the end result. Just imagine when I buy fresh flowers for this arrangement!
Ready to make your own?!

Fake carvable pumpkin {purchased at Michael's}

Small vase {from Dollar Tree}

Steak knife for carving

Flowers from your garden or from the Dollar Store

I made one white and one orange pumpkin - not sure which one is my favorite yet.

Just like you are carving a real pumpkin, cut out the lid - be sure the opening is large enough to slip the vase through.

Place your vase into the center of the pumpkin.

Add water to the vase

You only want the flower {not the stems} to show in this arrangement - so trim down the stems. And then arrange your flowers - THAT'S IT!!!

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