Friday, October 21

Are You Smelling Me?

So I got this awesome new fragence from Victorias Secret (addicted to that store) called Tease.  So, the last two nights I have been spraying myself before jumping into bed (figure I must smell good for sleeptime and what if I hubby wants to cuddle up).

So last night, all snuggled under the thousand blankets and 10 pillows I love to sleep with, Lindo wraps his arms around me and buried his nose in the back of my head and inhaled...DEEPLY.  Then he moved around my neck, shoulders, back, hair back to neck sniffing me.  It was cute when he first inhaled my hair and then tickled at my neck and then got weird as he moved around my body.  "Are you smelling me?" (I know how much more obvious could I make it).  "You smell (pause, inhale) you smell (pause, moves to new spot, inhales), you smell..." At this point I'm like OHMYGODISTINK! I'm just about to jump out of bed and just hit the shower again when he finishes his inspection of me...
 "You smell like coffee.  Almost like Pumpkin". I BUST up laughing.  "I had a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks today".  He smells me again "Mmmmm. You're pores are omitting the coffee!!! How insane.  And good".  I smile and think, I know it's the new fragence, but it doesn't smell like pumpkin spice to me?  Maybe I do leak coffee.... haha.  I smile, snuggle into the hubby and pass out to his nose breathing deeply and slightly into the back of my neck.

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Materialize Me said...

By the way, just found out today that Temptation is just this year's fall scent. It's limited and already being boxed up! So sad :(