Tuesday, October 25

Pregnant Little Princess Do

I have SUPER uncontrollably curly hair (sorta lol) and I've been wanting to try out different looks - even bold ones (yes!).  So one of the blogs I stalk mentioned that she was going to try to do the Audrey Hepburn look (who I love!) and she posted her results....
 totally cute!
By the way, she's pregnant and just radiant!

So, feeling inspired and a little courageous last night, I attempted the look.  Needless to say it was not the same as my pregnant little princess above.  I look more like I should be at the gym, or just getting back from the gym lol. 

So FAIL lol. I'll keep researching and attempting new looks.  If you have one that totally works for you or one that would maybe work for me, let me know :) I'm willing to try just about anything lol.

Happy Tuesday <3


Julianna, Jade, Janae, Jamie said...

we do love redheads!!! You are so pretty!

Materialize Me said...

Redheads rock :)

And your so sweet and beautiful. thank you mamas.