Friday, October 28

amber soup

This morning I came downstairs, rushing to get myself all prettied for work.  I was being as quiet as possible though and I guess it worked because usually Belle is up and ready for me to say good morning to her.  Look what I found when I came downstairs....
My baby girl, Belle :)

 Course I have no idea what THAT feels like; it's foreign to me. I haven't had the chance to just relax in such a long time. Lately I'm been feeling a little overwhelmed; with the businesses, work, the house decorating, the cooking, being a wifey lol.  There's always something to do.

So last night, I did the one thing I could to relax my mind, ease some tension - even if it was for only 26 minutes.  I took the hottest bath possible.  *bliss*

I readied my towels (yes, plural - I'm a girl I need a towel for my head and another for my body lol), got my candle, a lighter, turned my phone to the relaxing sounds of a thunderstorm (reminds me of home), took a shower, wrapped my head and filled the tub to the brim with steaming HOT water (Lindo always teases me by saying "You making Amber soup?!." cause I get the water super hot).

It was SO nice to just relax for a moment; course 4 minutes into my relaxation, the hubby barges in, turns on the lights, opens the curtain and says "When can I shower?". 

End of my relaxing moment; back to reality lol.


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Materialize Me said...

Aw! Thanks for stopping by! And I just love comments :)
I'll stop by and check your blog out :)