Thursday, April 26

new series!

I have decided what my series will be on!!
Make sure to leave your thoughts, suggestions on the series idea below :)

But first the short story lol:
My bestie has inspired me to start eating better (cause I'm a monster when it comes to food). So we have been eating better (and in smaller portions - my downfall) and exercising. PLUS! We have started going to our local Farmers Market on Tuesdays for organic fruit, veggies and yummy meat :)

So what's my series going to be on?

Lifestyle is the habits, attitudes, tastes, moral standards, economic level, etc., that together constitute the mode of living of an individual or group.

So in other words, lifestyle is your way of living. Whether it's body, mind or spirit. 

So this series will be called: 
My series will have some interactive parts, guest posts, do-it-yourself, recipes and more!!

You will be able to hashtag iLifestyle on Instagram and on Twitter.
Spread the word, get involved and change your life.
If you would like to guest post, please contact me :) 

How do you Lifestyle?

Series will start soon! Check back in :)

Tuesday, April 24

coral & a sale!

Coral Dress: Cotton On; Jewelry Items: Cotton On & Icing

Had so much fun with this spring dress!! I promised to add more dresses to my wardrobe this season and I am making my steps to make that happen! Seriously love this waterfall dress with elastic waist with my layered bracelets. Lots of fun wearing, lots of fun rocking hehe.

Also!!! I will be doing SPRING CLEANING!!! Which is always fun hehe. Opens up my house for new stuff (which I can't get enough of).

And finally, check me out on Ebay. This week the last of my fall/winter stock is ON SALE!!! And I mean, a STEAL of a SALE!!! Check it all out {HERE} and place your bids!!

Oh! And new series in the works, coming soon :)

[happy tuesday folks]
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Friday, April 20

fashion friday!

I've been doing some online shopping and I have to share some of the items off my wishlist :)

2-toned dress. um YES!
white mesh dress. a must have
I have been wanting a body suit! I think I want more traditional black, but this is bold is cute.
I love tank tops. Especially flowy tank tops!
I saw some of these cute floral bustiers at Cotton On. I NEED one. lol
HECK YES to striped blazers!! I love blazers and this one... IN LOVE.
Before the season is over, I have to get me some mint pants. Love them!
I have been complaining about how much I want to add some more dresses to my wardrobe. Love the crazy tribalish print.
I've always loved the sailor look. Stripes are the best and think I would love to go bolder with red.
Floral is DEF in!!! And I love this color.
I'm a little obsessed with form fitting dresses. And this color blocking one rocks!
I'm not much of a heel girl, but when I find ones I love (like these) I can't help myself.
My newest WANT is a white one-piece suit. I want to put our company logo on it but I haven't found one I can't live without. This is pretty close though :)

[happy friday cuties!]


Wednesday, April 18

snicker in my ear

sweater: victorias secret, undershirt: wetseal, hair: keiko

Little warm for what the weather has been lately but on Saturday this was perfect! It was freezing in my house for some reason and it was a little windy outside so this worked for me haha.

So I have decided what my series is going to be on :) And I'm SUPER SUPER SUPER excited to do it. I'm going to try reaching out to a few of you to guest post as well, so hopefully you say yes :) More on that later once I get the details and first couple posts and emails sent out. Check back in later for the series and if you would like to guest post, please contact me :)

[happy wednesday beautifuls]

Monday, April 16

beach day

Yesterday was the best!! Lindo and I finally got some time and went to the beach :) 
We went bike riding, rock climbing, people watching, pier walking, shopping, crepe eating & more!!!
Took some cute photos that I still have to upload to share but here's a glimpse :)
It was a lot of fun AND! I got some cute new pieces for fashion friday coming up from the whole adventure :)

[happy monday night folks]

Friday, April 13

fashion friday!

This was a blooper but I like it lol. My scarf got caught in my jacket during countdown.
Today it's raining, so I tried to be comfy more than anything lol. Plus we're going on a field trip with my company IN THE RAIN! So I had to dress not to impress but to stay warm and hopefully as dry as possible (my little rainbow umbrella will come in handy today).

Love my leopard scarf (from wetseal) and my pleather jacket (compliments of Target) hehe. Threw my hair up in a bun (learned here) and some mixed matched bracelets from Icing. Still looking for a cute pair of rainboots!!!


ps!!! you can now follow me on instagram :) 

Thank you Kori!!! Link-up folks :)

Thursday, April 12

a little bit of amber

OH! I do have one outfit for you lol.
Bad lighting cause it was night and with my phone. But my bay took these when we went out to watch the Lakers play (they lost too) lol.
It's fun to dress up sometimes :)
And yes, I'm standing in an alley lol.

[happy thursday my friend]

new digs

Man I missed you guys!!!
I've been working some pretty insane hours (including today), but I NEEDED to step away and get some blog time with my friends. So HERE I AM lol.

I haven't got to take any fashion photos because of all these dang meetings (love the work though) and I had some time yesterday, but it was raining. bummer. 
PS. I NEED/WANT rainboots badly. If you know where I can get some cute, decently priced ones, please link it in your comment. THANKS!

Yesterday I got my girls haircuts!! They look so different but so cute!!! I'm in love all over again.
From fluff and stuff to
Sleek and chic :)


[happy thursday my friend]

Monday, April 9

an easter tale

Happy Belated Easter!!!

I had so much fun yesterday with the family :) In the morning we went to breakfast with Lindo's family. His niece and nephew were hilarious. I babysat them all weekend but it was a blast!
PS!! I got this rockin' new app for photo collages. LOVE IT! As you will find out; I might be a little obsessed hehe.

Then Lindo and I took our kids (Belle, Snoop & Missie) for a hike. Lindo and I were in throwing rock competitions the whole time lol - I won shhhh.
Later we went to my mom's, ate AGAIN and played a couple games of tennis that quickly turned into 'hit as many balls at each other as possible'. Think I might have some bruises lol.
Sorry no photos, we were too violent to have a camera or phone present lol

To end the night, Lindo & I watched Immortals


OH!!!!! ALSO!!!
As most of you know. Instagram was dropped for Droid! So of course I got the app (been waiting for it forever) and now you can follow me :)

Also, I will be changing my twitter name to @redheadeddaybook so you can search me :) I'll let you know when that happens :)

Hope you had an awesome Easter!!!

[happy monday]

Friday, April 6

favorite series

Omgosh! My favorite thing about blogging is when bloggers have series! I love to read so it's like a book all personalized and infamous :) 
I've been reading some good ones lately and wanted to share just a couple of my favorites :)

Share the Beauty by Heather

Mix Tapes by Emily

This series hasn't started yet, but I'm stoked already!!!! Motherhood over Coffee Saturdays by Anna

This is a finished series but it's seriously my fav. Love Your Business by Heather

Thinking I should do a series, but on what?!. 
I would love some ideas where others can guest post. THAT is my favorite. You get to read a series by different personalities and you may find a new favorite blog :)

fashion friday!

Finally got myself a white blazer!!! Course the lighting was so terrible it made the blazer look a little off white. I'll try to take better photos this weekend with it. BUT!! I absolutely love it!

I paired it up with my stripped tank with a white one underneath to make my torso look longer (hehe) with casual belled jeans, Blowfish flats and my black messenger bag. OH! And I added my wings, heart, and chain necklace to the mixture :)

Super fun fit!

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Thursday, April 5

skin care update

I think the Biroe products are breaking me out :(
And this guy:
Is drying my skin out like crazy!!! It has a warning that says it can dry your skin out so to use lotion. But it doesn't tell you that you need a bottle of lotion a day!! 
SO!! I'm going to continue to use the Biroe scrub and cleanser.
But I'm no longer going to use the Biroe treatment (and honestly I didn't even need the treatment before  starting to use this product because I wasn't breaking out).

Ultimately I'm probably going to go back to my Alba products which I loved and didn't really experience a problem with until this last weekend. But that could have been a fluke.
I'll let you guys know.
But I thought I would share because my skin is hating me right now.

[happy thursday cuties]