Monday, April 9

an easter tale

Happy Belated Easter!!!

I had so much fun yesterday with the family :) In the morning we went to breakfast with Lindo's family. His niece and nephew were hilarious. I babysat them all weekend but it was a blast!
PS!! I got this rockin' new app for photo collages. LOVE IT! As you will find out; I might be a little obsessed hehe.

Then Lindo and I took our kids (Belle, Snoop & Missie) for a hike. Lindo and I were in throwing rock competitions the whole time lol - I won shhhh.
Later we went to my mom's, ate AGAIN and played a couple games of tennis that quickly turned into 'hit as many balls at each other as possible'. Think I might have some bruises lol.
Sorry no photos, we were too violent to have a camera or phone present lol

To end the night, Lindo & I watched Immortals


OH!!!!! ALSO!!!
As most of you know. Instagram was dropped for Droid! So of course I got the app (been waiting for it forever) and now you can follow me :)

Also, I will be changing my twitter name to @redheadeddaybook so you can search me :) I'll let you know when that happens :)

Hope you had an awesome Easter!!!

[happy monday]


Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

great pics:) The dogs and the kids are adorable :)

Christianna said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend!

Katie said...

cute pictures! glad you had a good weekend!

Style-Delights said...

such fun pictures!! Having little kids around brightens any day (and make you so dang tied by the end of!)Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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Anna @ IHOD said...

Oh my goodness they are utter cuteness!
Hope you had a beautiful Easter my friend!
x, Anna

Sandra Leiva said...

Great pictures <3

Kat said...

awww sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with the kids :) theyre soo cute :D

Rolled Up Pretty said...

Yay, I need to get that app, looks awesome. Adorable pictures!

CourtneyJo of The Everything Soap Blog said...

I love the way you collaged all of your photos!