Wednesday, April 18

snicker in my ear

sweater: victorias secret, undershirt: wetseal, hair: keiko

Little warm for what the weather has been lately but on Saturday this was perfect! It was freezing in my house for some reason and it was a little windy outside so this worked for me haha.

So I have decided what my series is going to be on :) And I'm SUPER SUPER SUPER excited to do it. I'm going to try reaching out to a few of you to guest post as well, so hopefully you say yes :) More on that later once I get the details and first couple posts and emails sent out. Check back in later for the series and if you would like to guest post, please contact me :)

[happy wednesday beautifuls]


Linda said...

Awh, how do you get your hair so pretty?


Katie said...

can I have some of your hair please??? so pretty!

huda said...

wow fabulous you are beautiful
good post
love your posting style

do check my recent post and comment also

Kat said...

cute sweater!! love vs sweats! theyre so comfy! :) cant wait to see your series!!! :D

Nicole Marie said...

Cute sweater. I do love your crazy bun.

Sandra Leiva said...

Beautiful hair! <3

Anonymous said...

Lovely wishlist, I really want those bright green pants. Bright coloured pants are so in lately and I really want a pair but they're so expensive everywhere near where I live

Amy Powell said...

your relaxing hair is better looking than mine is all week!

hope you had a great weekend! {I have a giveaway going on right now & would love for you to enter!}