Tuesday, April 24

coral & a sale!

Coral Dress: Cotton On; Jewelry Items: Cotton On & Icing

Had so much fun with this spring dress!! I promised to add more dresses to my wardrobe this season and I am making my steps to make that happen! Seriously love this waterfall dress with elastic waist with my layered bracelets. Lots of fun wearing, lots of fun rocking hehe.

Also!!! I will be doing SPRING CLEANING!!! Which is always fun hehe. Opens up my house for new stuff (which I can't get enough of).

And finally, check me out on Ebay. This week the last of my fall/winter stock is ON SALE!!! And I mean, a STEAL of a SALE!!! Check it all out {HERE} and place your bids!!

Oh! And new series in the works, coming soon :)

[happy tuesday folks]
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erica marie said...

Looks like a perfect flowing summer kind of dress...lovely.

xo erica

LV said...

Very cute dress! I love the color!


Kat said...

wow wow wow what a beautiful dress!!!! love it :D


Nicole Marie said...

LOVE the dress. So pretty and so are you!

CY said...

Cute dress & bracelet!