Friday, April 20

fashion friday!

I've been doing some online shopping and I have to share some of the items off my wishlist :)

2-toned dress. um YES!
white mesh dress. a must have
I have been wanting a body suit! I think I want more traditional black, but this is bold is cute.
I love tank tops. Especially flowy tank tops!
I saw some of these cute floral bustiers at Cotton On. I NEED one. lol
HECK YES to striped blazers!! I love blazers and this one... IN LOVE.
Before the season is over, I have to get me some mint pants. Love them!
I have been complaining about how much I want to add some more dresses to my wardrobe. Love the crazy tribalish print.
I've always loved the sailor look. Stripes are the best and think I would love to go bolder with red.
Floral is DEF in!!! And I love this color.
I'm a little obsessed with form fitting dresses. And this color blocking one rocks!
I'm not much of a heel girl, but when I find ones I love (like these) I can't help myself.
My newest WANT is a white one-piece suit. I want to put our company logo on it but I haven't found one I can't live without. This is pretty close though :)

[happy friday cuties!]



Nicole Marie said...

Love wishlist's! So many to choose a fav. But I defiantly like the last one.

Lori said...

I love the flowy tank top and the red striped dress!!!

Natalie Leung said...

i love those shoes, such pretty colours!


Lucie Srbová said...

Fab pieces!!! That floral top and bright pants are gorgeous!! Following you on GFC:)

Kisses, Lucy!

Swede Dreamer said...

Love the red striped dress! Stopping over from Fashion Friday~Angie

Amy Powell said...

that floral bustier is very cute... and very adventurous... but I like it!

Kat said...

ooh love the bustier!!! ive been wanting to get one soo bad! :P

Anna @ IHOD said...

That flowy tank top look is definately my style!!
Very fun finds chica!
Hope you have a wonderful day ahead!
x, Anna