Monday, April 16

beach day

Yesterday was the best!! Lindo and I finally got some time and went to the beach :) 
We went bike riding, rock climbing, people watching, pier walking, shopping, crepe eating & more!!!
Took some cute photos that I still have to upload to share but here's a glimpse :)
It was a lot of fun AND! I got some cute new pieces for fashion friday coming up from the whole adventure :)

[happy monday night folks]


Rolled Up Pretty said...

SO jealous of all the fun outdoor activities you did, and at THE BEACH! SO FUN! That crepe looks AMAZING too BTW!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Dang sounds like a jam packed day of fun!

Nicole Marie said...

Glad you had an fun time. I love adventures with my man. The food looks goood. Looks like an quesadila.