Friday, April 6

favorite series

Omgosh! My favorite thing about blogging is when bloggers have series! I love to read so it's like a book all personalized and infamous :) 
I've been reading some good ones lately and wanted to share just a couple of my favorites :)

Share the Beauty by Heather

Mix Tapes by Emily

This series hasn't started yet, but I'm stoked already!!!! Motherhood over Coffee Saturdays by Anna

This is a finished series but it's seriously my fav. Love Your Business by Heather

Thinking I should do a series, but on what?!. 
I would love some ideas where others can guest post. THAT is my favorite. You get to read a series by different personalities and you may find a new favorite blog :)


Anonymous said...

Wow, Im kinda (but not really) new to this blogging thing and I dont think I've come across a blogger doing a 'series' of something. Im intrigued and I wish I could offer you some advice lol but Ill be eagerly awaiting your new series to begin hehe :P

Eeli xo

Sandra Leiva said...

That 2nd picture is so lovely and cute! <3

Nicole Marie said...

I agree with the first commenter - never heard if such a thing (yet, at the least). Unaware of what suggestions to offer. Howeve howr about you look around at other series & go from there.

huda said...

wow it's so good
nice post
thanks for sharing

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Sabrina Musco said...

beautiiful post!!!

Kat said...

yes yes yes! you should def do a series!! :D haha idk on what either but def do one :)