Thursday, October 31

shopping obsession

What better way for me to celebrate a 'holiday' then by purchasing a treat of my very own?

Not that I need any help shopping, but I was just turned onto this AMAZING site that I have quickly and seriously have become obsessed with. So obsessed that I find myself making a 'game plan' where every paycheck I earn I will get something new from this place until my ENTIRE closet is replaced. Yes, I know. I'm sick. But WAIT until you see why.
1 - Apricot Batwing Long Sleeve Geometric Cardigan Sweater: as soon as I saw this sweater it was in my shopping basket. This is my item pick for October. I LOVE the colors, style and overall feel of this cardigan. I see lots of cold fall & winter nights snuggled up in this.

2 - Wine Red Long Sleeve Swallow Print Loose Sweatshirt - can I just say that I am depressed that I have a game plan and will not be purchasing this beauty right away! I seriously love wine red! And bird print! I'm almost to heaven. This cutie will hopefully be going home with me soon.

3 - Blue V Neck Long Sleeve Hearts Pattern Cardigan - my honest belief is that a girl can never have too many cardigans. And they are great all year long! I love this cutie. Something about the look just makes me think of home with my mother in the 80s (not that I really remember the 80s since I was born in 88), but definitely reminds me of the photographs.

4 - Green Fur Hooded Long Sleeve Drawstring Pockets Coat - I don't have enough words to describe how I feel about this coat! I swear I love everything from the draw strings, button and pockets to the color, fur and cozy looking insides. This is seriously on my wishlist!

5 - Beige Long Sleeve Black Skull Pattern Mohair Sweater - I like to have a little edgy in my closet and I think this sweater would make a great staple piece to my closet. Just throw on my leggings, a complimenting scarf, my doc martins and off we go looking like a edgy but styled chick. Yes! I would love you to come home with me!

6 - Black Stand Collar Long Sleeve Belt Slim Coat - need I say more? This coat speaks for itself. And what more could you ask for? Long, slimming and gorgeous! Girl you are the whole package and then some! I can see many Christmas parties being had in this tall tale beauty.

I will be doing reviews! Once I receive my item(s) I'll style and post them up as well as review my experience, shipping time, and take on the quality. Be sure to tune in for that style impression

You can tell your husbands it is my fault that you are now on the same mission to replace everything in your closet as I am :)

Happy Halloween Lovelies!

Wednesday, October 30

spellbinding treats: part II

Welcome to Part II of my Spellbinding Treats! Yesterday I shared some of my favorite Halloween inspirations that were to die for. Today I would like to share some edible treats!! Because nothing screams Halloween like a sweet tooth. 

Spiders, ghosts and vampires! OH MY! Instead of saving the BEST for last, I've decided to share my abso favorite and (personally) best Halloween treats first. This lovely blogger listed 15 of the most outrageously yummy and cutest Halloween treats I have ever seen! Again! I wish I had the time for all this creativeness because these are a MUST!

Okay YUM! There's just nothing like frothy coffee ice cream ghosts to get you in the Halloween spirit! Here's a serious list of treats you can make at home with the kids.

Healthy Halloween Treats
For my final favorite treat! Who said that just because it's Halloween and sweet that it has to be unhealthy?!. Here's two seriously yummy and cute Halloween treats that are sure to rock that weight watchers Halloween party! And who better to host this one than Lauren Conrad herself. I personally WILL be making these!! 

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!

Tuesday, October 29

spellbinding treats: part I

With Halloween just 2 days away I wanted to inspire you lovely folks (as well as myself) to get into the 'halloween spirit'! So to celebrate & inspire I have put together some of my favorite holiday 'treats' - not all are edible :) Hope you enjoy & check in tomorrow for another round of spellbinding treats.

Halloween DIY Party Make-Up..#Halloween Could do this and paint a pumpkin on my belly!
Stop by and check out this blogging beauty! She has some cute makeup DIYs for Halloween. I love this cute little scarecrow look and some others she has posted to her blog.

halloween diy ideas...these are toooooo cute!!!!
Can I just say that I WILL be doing this little cute idea!!! This lovely blogger has posted 13 of what I consider the cutest and easiest Halloween ideas I have seen!!! Seriously I can't decide between them and now have to do them all.

Halloween DIY Nail Art
I am lost for words with these scary beauties! Seriously I would LOVE to pull this off for Halloween if I had the time to sit there and get it done. If you want nail inspiration then you HAVE to visit these 6 scary gorgeous nail designs.

Halloween Children's Photo
My final spellbinding treat for today is photography! I recently just had Daymien's Halloween photoshoot and it was so fun to get him all dressed up, and make all these noises and silly faces to get him to light up for his photos. I found this seriously talented photographer on pinterest and HAD to share her website. If you want some cute 'treats' to hand out to your family, then a Halloween photoshoot may be in order.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 28

boot season

It's no secret that Fall is here! At least that's what last week felt like here in sunny socal. Time to bust out those boots and bags ladies!!! 

I saw these cuties and just had to get them up to share with you all:

Bag: I am in love with this bag. I'm a fan already of this style and love that you can use the small handles for a cute arm piece or strap it on and sport it as a shoulder bag / Boots: I think the photo says it all! Check out the detailing on the top of the boot! And the contrasting colors?!. I'm in love.

Also Halloween is on the way! So the rest of the week is going to be dedicated to Halloween!! I'm thinking DIYs, fashion, and just some good wholesome fun :)

Check back in tomorrow for my Spellbinding Treats edition.

Happy Monday!

Friday, October 25

Fashion Friday!

I just LOVE this combination and I'm not even a 'western' style type of gal! This is just seriously a cute combination:

Bag: comes in black or brown but I personally love the brown look / Boots: Just love the western look and feel to these and who doesn't love a little heel

It's been such a long time since I've blogged that I think I've lost my ability. I have been wanting to blog and just get my creative feel back and reconnect with all the lovely readers and bloggers that I was enjoying before. 

Unfortunately, I have not figured out the balance of motherhood and personalhood lol. I'm still working that out. but have enjoyed the figuring out process as much as possible.

I am happy to report that even though I am now a mother, I have not lost my passion for fashion :) I'm still doing some shopping for myself (although a trip to the mall has quickly turned into baby shopping bags) and hopefully once I feel my body has returned to 'normal' - I know this is no longer achievable - I want to do some fashion shoots to post up. But for now, photos from the web and other lovely bloggers and fashion goddesses will have to do. 

I'm linking up with some pretty awesome style blogs today; be sure to check them out and join in!:

Happy Friday Lovelies!!