Tuesday, October 29

spellbinding treats: part I

With Halloween just 2 days away I wanted to inspire you lovely folks (as well as myself) to get into the 'halloween spirit'! So to celebrate & inspire I have put together some of my favorite holiday 'treats' - not all are edible :) Hope you enjoy & check in tomorrow for another round of spellbinding treats.

Halloween DIY Party Make-Up..#Halloween Could do this and paint a pumpkin on my belly!
Stop by and check out this blogging beauty! She has some cute makeup DIYs for Halloween. I love this cute little scarecrow look and some others she has posted to her blog.

halloween diy ideas...these are toooooo cute!!!!
Can I just say that I WILL be doing this little cute idea!!! This lovely blogger has posted 13 of what I consider the cutest and easiest Halloween ideas I have seen!!! Seriously I can't decide between them and now have to do them all.

Halloween DIY Nail Art
I am lost for words with these scary beauties! Seriously I would LOVE to pull this off for Halloween if I had the time to sit there and get it done. If you want nail inspiration then you HAVE to visit these 6 scary gorgeous nail designs.

Halloween Children's Photo
My final spellbinding treat for today is photography! I recently just had Daymien's Halloween photoshoot and it was so fun to get him all dressed up, and make all these noises and silly faces to get him to light up for his photos. I found this seriously talented photographer on pinterest and HAD to share her website. If you want some cute 'treats' to hand out to your family, then a Halloween photoshoot may be in order.

Happy Tuesday!

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