Monday, October 28

boot season

It's no secret that Fall is here! At least that's what last week felt like here in sunny socal. Time to bust out those boots and bags ladies!!! 

I saw these cuties and just had to get them up to share with you all:

Bag: I am in love with this bag. I'm a fan already of this style and love that you can use the small handles for a cute arm piece or strap it on and sport it as a shoulder bag / Boots: I think the photo says it all! Check out the detailing on the top of the boot! And the contrasting colors?!. I'm in love.

Also Halloween is on the way! So the rest of the week is going to be dedicated to Halloween!! I'm thinking DIYs, fashion, and just some good wholesome fun :)

Check back in tomorrow for my Spellbinding Treats edition.

Happy Monday!

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