Thursday, March 22

bow glasses diy

Yesterday I mentioned that I wanted to add a bow to my cute nerd glasses. So I did :)
It was super easy.

Cute Nerd Glasses
Hot glue gun
Bow button

I bought a pack of pretty pink buttons from Jo-Ann's (my favorite store of all time) and picked out the adorable pink bow. Because the bow had a button backing, I took a pair of scissors and cute the backing as flush as I could.

I used a sharp knife and carefully removed one of the glasses little corner stones (you can see it has one on the left side up above).

I then heated up my glue gun and put a little hot glue in the gap in the glasses where I removed the stone and pressed the pink bow into place and TA-DA lol.

It was simple, easy and I personally think it looks cute :)

[happy thursday wonderfuls]
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CourtneyJo of The Everything Soap Blog said...

Could you get any cuter!! I love your glasses. Makes me wish I needed them so I could doll them up to.

Style By Cesca said...

Too cute!! I love the pink bow on the glasses!

Susan said...

So cute!