Tuesday, March 13

how bout them browns

Got all three of these awesome rings from a yardsale :) I instantly fell in love with all of them!!! Def need to start carrying cash on me for times when I find things I want at yardsales I pass lol.
Sorry for the extremely BAD lighting. Had to take these photos when the sun wasn't out anymore lol.
But I was feeling a little casual yesterday.
Loved mixing this mustard skirt with the brown tank and tennies :)
Oh and my green polish was a cute contrast.

Today is going to be another super busy day :)

[enjoy tuesday folks!]


Anonymous said...

Love the hair! You look great. I like the yellow on you!



Christianna said...

Hey girl, cute blog! I'm following you back!

Anya Rudn said...

Love stripes and bright color together! This looks lovely!!