Sunday, March 11

pink it up floral

Seriously my favorite top. Love the lacey flowers on the back :)
Got this cute gold ring necklace set for $2 at Icing!!! Seriously going back to dig up more goodies. I'm not much into gold (or actually not at all) but this set was too cute to pass up :)
Oh! I got this awesome new polish the other day and I finally got to try it on yesterday. It's by Essie (of course my favorite) called Navigate Her. And if you go to Walgreens, they are doing buy 2 Essie nail polishes and get $2 off!! I got 4 haha. 
Love this fit!!! The colors made me feel more lively. And I know my sandals are a little out of place, but they are my favorite!!! Love them. 

Such a beautiful day yesterday! And hot!!! 
Thing I love about pretty and warm days. The yard sales lol. I came across a couple while taking my brothers to their friends house and of course I had to stop :) I'll have some photos and styles up soon with the new pieces I got haha.

Fashion Friday brought to you by this lovely gal :)

[happy sunday wonderful people!]


Kat said...

awww i love this outfit!! i really screams springs!!! just sooo pretty!:)

Fash Boulevard said...

Love this outfit. You look AMAZING. fabulous post, love. I hope you had an amazing weekend. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post. xo

Jen said...

Love love love the pastels! Those colors look so good on us. ;)