Thursday, March 8


I finally got a moment to shop yesterday and needless to say, I went a little crazy. BUT I loved it!!!
Seriously, I knew that shopping was a stress reliever, but yesterday cleared ANY doubts I had lol.

So I picked up some really great pieces yesterday from Icing.
Got this brilliant t-rex chain style necklace for $2!! Yes, I typed that in correctly. $2!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE sales :)

This amazing bag (which can also be a shoulder bag) was $10!!! Seriously!!?? Um Yes. Can't pass it up. Totally a steal from $50!
These rings I got from a cute little korean store for $1 each :) Completed my outfit nicely.

[happy thursday you gorgeous people!]


CourtneyJo of The Everything Soap Blog said...

You are too ridiculously cute!! I love your entire look - head to toe, everyday.

Nicole said...

Love the whole outfit.. especially the shoes!! You got me thinking of trying lipstick out. I just always felt I will completely FAIL with it. I hope all is well with your fam. I tagged you in a little game hun. Stay safe!

christine donee said...

happy Thursday to YOU

Jade Hill said...

LOVE YOUR RINGS! (and I am not a fan of gold!) so feel special!

Alicia Michelle said...

I LOVE that necklace! The Icing always has cool jewelry and good sales!

Vale said...

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Francesca Riolfo said...

nice blog!!
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Fashion-Bridge said...

Beautiful look! I love this sort of casual yet chic outfits based on basic denim and gorgeous accessories! The necklace and bag are divine!