Monday, March 12

update :)

Really happy to have mom and mike home finally.
Mom is moving around pretty good and mike has already jumped back on the driving thing, even though he's still in a wheelchair. 
Mom and I went to the Dr way out in Lancaster today (56 miles one way) and she got her little cast removed !!! I got some photos of her arm, but they are too graphic and gross to put up. The good news is, she is on her way!!!! 

Lindo gave dalan a suh-eet hair cut last night :) It was so funny to watch his hair fall away in silly little sections and hear him make grandpa remarks (because he looked like a grandpa who was losing his hair at one time lol). It was entertaining.
Finished lol.

[happy monday!!! hehe]

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Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

oh gosh, the pictures of the haircut are absolutely hilarious! and hope your mom recovers quickly!
xo TJ