Thursday, March 29

jade night photography & mm

Lindo & I are thinking about going to Vegas again soon :) This is a call shot I took the last time; it's made ENTIRELY of M&Ms!!!!! So cool!

So! Super excited!
Jade from Jade Night Photography will be modeling items from Materialize Me's collection!!!
Please check her out, like her page and make sure you check back in to see her work for Materialize Me.
I will be doing a mini giveaway to go along with Jade's collection, so check back in for that! Here's some samples of her work:

Also, I just started doing Youtube videos. And I'm going to try to do videos regularly as well as my blog so if you can't get enough check it out hehe :) I just finished editing my next video last night so look for that to be posted soon :) Also I will be doing a separate giveaway video soon! So subscribe to my channel so you will be the first to know about it :)

Fashion Friday is tomorrow!!!

[happy thursday sweets!]


Jen said...

Love the couple pics! They are just gorgeous.

And I'd just love to eat that entire M&M sign. :)

Kat said...

awww love these photos!!! sooo cute! :D cant wait to see more videos :D

Nicole said...

Love all her shots especially the last one.

Jade Hill said...

here is a link to my photography page