Friday, March 30

fashion friday!

Usually I try to do my own photos for fashion friday, but with starting back to work, working on youtube videos, taking care of my mom & brothers and just a lot of extra work with CBP I fail at getting my photos ready in time. I promise to do better and get some personal photos up asap!!

But for this fashion friday I wanted to share my favorite fashion blogs :) People who inspire me to be not only creative with my wardrobe but who have encouraged me to share my own style. 

Meet Anna from In Honor of Design. She always has tons of DIY & fashion posts and is always a constant inspiration to be creative with what you got. Her style is amazing! 

Meet Keiko from Keiko Lynn. Her blog is my most recent love. She's absolutely adorable! Her style is bold and right up my alley. 

Meet Anna from Fash Boulevard. Truly one of my favorite fashion blogs! She's so girly and her color mixing and bold outfits are always so complete and beautiful.

Meet Kori from Blonde Episodes. If you ever want to know what's in style and the stars who rock it, this is the place to be!! Kori brings us all the wonderful and beautiful fashion to one place. Absolutely a favorite!!

beanie, striped top, sheer blouse, 3.1 phillip lim satchel, ysl arty ring, faux leather pants, lucite pumps - san francisco to new york fashion and street style blogger
Meet Laura from On the Racks. Laura brings her love for fashion and business together. Her style is seriously amazing! And her pairing is too cute for words. PLUS, she has her own shop and models items just for you.
brought to you by Kori:
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Thursday, March 29

jade night photography & mm

Lindo & I are thinking about going to Vegas again soon :) This is a call shot I took the last time; it's made ENTIRELY of M&Ms!!!!! So cool!

So! Super excited!
Jade from Jade Night Photography will be modeling items from Materialize Me's collection!!!
Please check her out, like her page and make sure you check back in to see her work for Materialize Me.
I will be doing a mini giveaway to go along with Jade's collection, so check back in for that! Here's some samples of her work:

Also, I just started doing Youtube videos. And I'm going to try to do videos regularly as well as my blog so if you can't get enough check it out hehe :) I just finished editing my next video last night so look for that to be posted soon :) Also I will be doing a separate giveaway video soon! So subscribe to my channel so you will be the first to know about it :)

Fashion Friday is tomorrow!!!

[happy thursday sweets!]

Tuesday, March 27

tube time!

Don't laugh!!
Okay, you can laugh a little lol.
I did my very first Youtube video :)
I was too nervous, so next time hopefully it's WAY better. 
But thought I'd share :)

You may laugh now :))))
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a trip

I finally returned to work yesterday :) And I have to say I LOVE WORKING!!! lol. Weirdo I know lol.

But Sunday, my brother, step-brother, mother and I took a trip to Temecula, CA to pick-up my mother's new car. I was screaming at my brother the whole way home to catch photos of silly and awesome things we saw on the way back (since it's 105 miles from home). He missed a lot cause I was flying on the fwy and would be like TAKE A PICTURE OF THAT!!! But here's some of the ones he got :)
My brother is always making cool Food Faces. This was his Arby's creation :) We call him FLY
These are my favorite!!! Flashes of wisdom from the mountain side lol.
It POURED rain on our way back home. It got so bad one time I couldn't see the road beside me! And my poor step-brother who drove my car back home (while I drove mom's new car home) just turned 16 and was getting some driving time in lol.
This is one of the SUPER AWESOME silly things my brother missed. It was a like a water tank with a huge sprayed painted happy face on it lol. Really made us crack up laughing.
Brotherman also kinda missed this one. It was a community of LOG HOUSES!!!!! How cool is that?

[happy tuesday everyone!]
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Saturday, March 24

ink fashion friday

photos compliments of Google Search
This fashion friday (even though it's saturday lol) I was inspired by ink. Tattoo ink :) Some people don't know, but I have 6 tattoos of my own and I style them with my outfits everyday. 
So here's my mini tribute to ink black & white.
Thank you Blonde Episodes for bringing us

Thursday, March 22

bow glasses diy

Yesterday I mentioned that I wanted to add a bow to my cute nerd glasses. So I did :)
It was super easy.

Cute Nerd Glasses
Hot glue gun
Bow button

I bought a pack of pretty pink buttons from Jo-Ann's (my favorite store of all time) and picked out the adorable pink bow. Because the bow had a button backing, I took a pair of scissors and cute the backing as flush as I could.

I used a sharp knife and carefully removed one of the glasses little corner stones (you can see it has one on the left side up above).

I then heated up my glue gun and put a little hot glue in the gap in the glasses where I removed the stone and pressed the pink bow into place and TA-DA lol.

It was simple, easy and I personally think it looks cute :)

[happy thursday wonderfuls]
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Wednesday, March 21

glasses for diy

I know that I'm a complete nerd lol. But I enjoy every second :) I got these cute glasses and I was thinking about doing a little DIY with them. WAYYYY to simple for a whole posting about it, but I'll totally share the final product with you :)

PS. This outfit may not be the cutest thing in the world, but I was so0o0o comfortable and warm. New go to sweater :)

[happy wednesday beauties]
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Tuesday, March 20

i heart nerds

Need I say more? haha. Terrible photo of me, but I thought Lindo was too freaking cute not to post up :)
Love him. Nerd & all.

[happy tuesday folks]
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Friday, March 16

fashion friday

I got this awesome clutch/shoulder bag from this cute little store across the street from Caleb's school. They had some super amazing stuff at suh-eet prices AND!!!! Every purchase goes toward hungry children in California!! Specifically So. Cal. which of course made this even more awesome hehe.

I decided to make the bag the focal point of this fit so I didn't make too big a deal about my jewelry and fit to give it some pOp. But I do love this sheer butterfly top from American Rag (which has became my new favorite brand) and these cute brown skinnys from Materialize Me.

[happy thursday cuties!!!]
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Fashion Friday brought to you by this wonderful lady

Wednesday, March 14


Yesterday I came across this super awesome store called Opportunity Shop that sells items to provide food for children. Seriously when I walked in I was expecting more of the 'thrift store' feel, but it was more like a boutique. I found this awesome bag and a couple other items and literally got them for a steal! PS. If you are local to the Granada Hills area, they are doing 20% off today.
Tune in tomorrow to see how I style this bag :)

[happy wednesday sweets!]
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Tuesday, March 13

how bout them browns

Got all three of these awesome rings from a yardsale :) I instantly fell in love with all of them!!! Def need to start carrying cash on me for times when I find things I want at yardsales I pass lol.
Sorry for the extremely BAD lighting. Had to take these photos when the sun wasn't out anymore lol.
But I was feeling a little casual yesterday.
Loved mixing this mustard skirt with the brown tank and tennies :)
Oh and my green polish was a cute contrast.

Today is going to be another super busy day :)

[enjoy tuesday folks!]