Friday, February 24

monster rawr!

Introducing Rawr Stitchings, homemade monsters with attitude.
Recently I discovered that I really like to sew and create. I also discovered that I really LOVE to create Monsters hehe. So I have been putting my little mind and hands to work to create Rawr Stitchings.

I only have a few made up right now, since I'm not planning to launch my site/shop until this summer, but I have been a busy little bee making custom monsters for close friends and family. Thought I would share the love & see how you guys feel about them.

Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Website & Shop will launch this summer :)
Stayed Tuned.

[happy friday friends]

fashion friday!

top: material girl; jeans: gift; boots: ebay; undershirt: been in my closet for so long I've forgotten :( lol

It's Friday! Woo! You know that means Fashion Friday!
And yes, I know I have no eye liner on (shocker), don't judge me! lol. Actually today I wasn't feeling the hassle of taking 2 seconds to apply my eye liner. That and I don't have a sharpener on me :/ bummer. But that's okay. 

So I officially ALMOST got my license back, so I'm ALMOST no longer a criminal (hah! terrible grammar Amber). I only had to pay $612 to get it reinstated with the courthouse and will have to call the DMV today to pay the remaining $100 to get it unsuspended officially - isn't our system grand lol.

In other news, I want to plan a trip to go back home (Oklahoma) to see my grandparents. Looking at flights, and man! Those planes are EXPENSIVE! Hopefully I can find something reasonable so I can fly home for the weekend.

Oh! And I'm going to be introducing my new product to you guys (hopefully today). I'm seriously OVER the top excited to bring you something handmade and lovable :) Would love your comments once I post it up :)

PS. for all you crafty people :]
FREE Shipping with no minimum purchase Use promo code RKA56 through SAT., FEB. 25 Shop Now > - like my FAVORITE store EVER.
pretty suh-eet huh :)

[love you guys! happy friday]


Wednesday, February 22

im a criminal

jacket: wetseal; skirt: charlotte russe; necklace: icing
Confession: I have kind of been driving without a license since September. TERRIBLE! I know. But in my defense, I never received a notice that it was suspended until my insurance company contacted me on Friday and said they were going to drop me because I didn't have a license (ps. I'm not a total criminal. I just wasn't able to pay the full amount of a ticket BUT I've been making payments so I'm in good with the judge....sorta lol).

BUT TODAY! Today is the day I go to the courthouse, pay off my remaining balance and GET MY LICENSE BACK! Oh-ya! 

Have to admit, driving to work today was a rush. Felt like a rebel lol.

[happy wednesday beauties]

Tuesday, February 21

favorite blogs

This morning I wanted to share the love of some of my FAVORITE blogs to read daily :) Check them out if you are looking for silly, inspiring and wonderful new reads :) Some of these girls are fashion icons and creative divas (hehe) love them all!

Monday, February 20

bold & proud :)

So yesterday I made my first steps toward going to the FIRE look that I have been wanting since last summer :)
I got my hair cut and layered (totally different from ANYTHING I've ever done) and coming soon (right before summer which is when I want to get it done for) I will be getting it done in fire :)

I met the most amazing stylist yesterday and we hit it off. When I told her the color I wanted to achieve, she told me that with my skin and eyes, I can def pull it off [which is a relief to hear, since I have been a redhead my whole life lol]. She gave me her personal cell number [yes. we are that cool now] and she will be going to another salon, so I need a way to track her down by the time summer draws near.
So coming this summer, the fire redhead will be back :) Super excited and nervous of course [bleach & I aren't that good of friends just yet].

hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!!!

[happy president's day wonderful people!]
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triple time: link-up, gift & giveaway!

the covert robin button
You know I LOVE link-ups and who doesn't love handmade gifts?!.
Join the link-up with this wonderful lady :)
Going to be super fun! And you get to give something handmade and receive something handmade :)
PLUS! Guest posts!!!!! AND!!! Giveaways!!!!
Check it out for all the details :)
I would love to get linked up with one of my readers :)

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Friday, February 17

a moment of lost time

A friend from high school tagged me in this photo and it made my heart flutter. So I thought I would share a moment from my senior year :) Sometimes I really miss high school.
And yes. We are matching. That's what high school buddies do lol.
How times have changed.
[happy friday!!!!!]
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Thursday, February 16

tribute to the blues

I'm still reading the wonderful series Love Your Business with Heather and friends and I think I fall in love with it more with each new post.
Today's post with Bubby & Bean really spoke to me the most. They are all inspiring and helpful, but I felt like I related most to Melissa's post. 
I won't go into detail about the post or anything, but if you are interested please check it out! I highly recommend today's post if you are looking for some encouragement and direction. Owning your own business is a full-time job and a half. Melissa breaks it down and gives you some pointers to help relieve the stress and calm your fears.

On anther note, I've been feeling very creative lately and enjoying making some little at home creations. It has been relaxing and a great experience :) I am hoping to launch my very own website/shop/blog site soon! Keep a look out for some Redheaded creations :)

Oh! And I'm in love with my new royal blues :)
[happy thursday pretty things]
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Wednesday, February 15

meet pau

I have been super excited and blogging non-stop about Valentine's Day this year because it has been Lindo's and my first actual Valentine's Day (as we never celebrate it). 

Even before I knew Lindo was going to be a prince this year, I decided early on to make him a very special Valentine's gift (my first sewing project) and. I gave a sneak peak back in January but here is the final product :) 

Meet Pau! 
Lindo and Pau literally laid out and watched movies last night together. It made my heart warm.
On top of Pau, I also committed myself to making 14 boxes of love (each containing a reason why I loved Lindo) and giving him a box each day [box template compliments of this wonderful lady].
Even though I felt SUPER cheesy, Lindo would get a silly school boy grin on his face everytime I handed him a box.
Hope you guys had the most specialest Valentine's Day EVER! 

[happy wednesday beauties]

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Tuesday, February 14

heroes do exist in real life

So usually I wouldn't have anything to post on Valentine's Day (as we don't celebrate it in my house thanks to my wonderful hubby who doesn't believe in the "holiday" lol). But this year has been different and I have to say I've been all smiles since waking up at 5am this morning :)

Lindo ESCORTED me to work this morning. And for those of you who don't know, it takes me about an hour and a half to get to work...and I have to ride the train. Which is SUPER packed in the morning for rush hour. Another secret....Lindo despises the train. So when he bought a ticket and actually hopped on the train with me this morning, I was both floored and in love with him all over again :)

Being the total nerds that we are, we played Tank Hero on his phone. There's just something about blowing up little tanks on the train in the wee hours of the morning with my hubby that puts a smile on my heart.

Once in LA (yes. I work in downtown LA and everything you hear about it, is true.) he bought me my favorite over-caffeinated and way over caramelized drink and a overstuffed burrito with hash browns (an old country girls favorite). Then he kissed me good-bye and walked lonely back to the train for an hour and a half solo train ride.

Heroes do exist in real life.

Needless to say, I have been smiling like it's my birthday and I have been pulled on stage and crowned by Nicki Manaj herself.

Best Valentine's Day EVER.

[happy valentines day you awesome people]

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Link-up with Blonde Episodes for more incredible stories :)

Monday, February 13

valentines tale

sweater: express; leggings: target; socks: target; boots: small shop near my house; ring: macys

Haha, in this last photo my baby Belle thought it would be awesome to be a detective. I crunched on a leaf and she thought it would be a good idea to come check it out and make sure the scene was safe. It was so she trotted off lol.

Anyways! This weekend was pretty amazing! I did a lot of housework (not the amazing part) and did some shopping (awesome part) and went out to dinner with my boo for pre-valentines day (the amazing part). For those who don't know Lindo, he HATES (yes I know, STRONG word) but he HATES Valentine's Day. He totally believes that it's a stupid holiday created by Hallmark to entrap men and make them do something "special" for the woman. Therefore, Valentine's Day doesn't really get celebrated in our house. So yes! Last night's dinner for vday was pretty darn special.

[happy monday wonderful people!]

Psst. Unveiling of my valentines creation is Tuesday!!! - no laughing. It was my very first sewing project hehe.

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Friday, February 10

fashion friday!

top: macys; jeans: wetseal; ice bracelets: monet; necklace: icing; sunglasses: gift; bag: macys; lipstick: by kate (number 08);

I felt like being a little more casual today for work, but of course silver sequins always makes you ready for the fashionable days too :) 

Tonight I'm going shopping with my bestie :) Hope I find some SUPER cute fits that I can put together to show you :) Maybe some more bright skirts (like I don't have enough) and cute bags? If there is a style you would like to see, please suggest :) 

Also a giveaway is on the way for my followers.
Fashion Friday is brought to you by this lovely gal :)
[happy friday beauties]

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Thursday, February 9

saliortude + change in style

jacket: materialize me; striped tank top: express; mustard skirt: charlotte russe; ice bracelets: monet; earrings: gift

So this has been an inspiring and spirit rejuvenating week! Materialize Me will be getting a complete makeover soon which I am oh so happy about!! My wonderful little brother will be helping me redesign my website to make it more user friendly and appealing to my customers :) And my blog will also be visited by the wonderful little brother from Farris Arts :) Don't worry, I'm not going to stop posting, but you may see some crazy things happening here [don't be alarmed, just a work in progress] :) However, my shop will be shutting down in a couple weeks for reconstruction. I will continue to sell items on Ebay and post items on my facebook, twitter and here. If you like something, please let me know via my social networks :)

I'm excited for change and 2012 is already in the second month!!! Ready to get my business in gear and be the best little shop I can be :)

[happy thursday wonderfuls]

Wednesday, February 8

business inspiration

I am currently in LOVE with the series Love Your Business posted by Just Lovely Things (and what a beautiful spirit Heather is). This series is all about growing and loving your business with wonderful featured posts by actual business/shop owners. 

This incredible series motivates, inspires and gives you all kinds of tips, tricks and advice on owning & growing your business. Personally I had to contact Heather to tell her how much I love the series and appreciate all her guests and her for putting this together.  Plus, I had a business question that I was hoping she could answer; she went way above and beyond!!

If you are looking for business advice, tips, inspiration or just a wonderful new blog, then I DEF recommend checking out this awesome series.

[happy wednesday!!]