Wednesday, February 1

i am in love because

I am super excited to be doing my very first link-up!
Have fun with this :)
I am in love because I found a sweet pair of red skinnys on sale!!
I did a fashion friday post about these skinnys when I first got them and I'm so in love with them. 
Of course I love pairing them with black. This weekend (sorry I didn't get a photo *sad face*) I paired them with a super cute sheer looking black top and black studded sandals :)
Too cute! 
I've gotten a lot of compliments on them and lots of people telling me they want a pair. 

So tell me why you're in love!

Of course, there are a couple rules (please follow them so I don't have to delete your link - it will break my heart if I have to be mean):


1.  Blog about anything theme related (February is love)
2.  Grab the button above and place in your post linking back to Redheaded Daybook
3.  Leave me a comment here letting me know you visited
4.  Add your link to the linky
5.  Visit other blogs on the link and make new friends!  That's it!  Have fun! 


Lidiya said...

The red skinnies look absolutely gorgeous <3

Ashley Marie said...

Done! You might be interested in joining mine that went up today:

I'll personally be pasting everyone's links on my personal FB, which will expose you to over 400 ppl!

Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

so awesome!

Kat said...

aw cute pic!!! i love you in those jeans!! :D you look soo great!!!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

i'm still on the lookout for some cute red skinnies. you look adorable girl!
xo TJ

Nicole said...

Linked up. The red is cute.

Ashley Isaacs said...

love your sweatshirt, you look adorable......xx

Ashley Isaacs said...

p.s. im following you now......xx

Alicia Michelle said...

I joined it!! And posted about you!! :)