Wednesday, February 15

meet pau

I have been super excited and blogging non-stop about Valentine's Day this year because it has been Lindo's and my first actual Valentine's Day (as we never celebrate it). 

Even before I knew Lindo was going to be a prince this year, I decided early on to make him a very special Valentine's gift (my first sewing project) and. I gave a sneak peak back in January but here is the final product :) 

Meet Pau! 
Lindo and Pau literally laid out and watched movies last night together. It made my heart warm.
On top of Pau, I also committed myself to making 14 boxes of love (each containing a reason why I loved Lindo) and giving him a box each day [box template compliments of this wonderful lady].
Even though I felt SUPER cheesy, Lindo would get a silly school boy grin on his face everytime I handed him a box.
Hope you guys had the most specialest Valentine's Day EVER! 

[happy wednesday beauties]

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Jade Hill said...

Oh my gosh!! this makes my heart SOAR for you! his face opening that box! priceless! I love love love it! no wonder he treated you so good on Valentine's! =) I want to know what they all said! lol Very good job on your Pau! He looks awesome!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

AWWW, so cute! happy valentine's day girl!
xo TJ

Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

haha, how freaking cute is this?!

christine donee said...

loved. this.

K said...

hahahaha, i love your sowing project!! that is so funny!!

love K

Eloquent English said...

What a fun Valentine's Day gift! xoxo A-

Kat said...

awww that pillow is soooo adorable!!!!! what a wonderful gift :)