Thursday, February 16

tribute to the blues

I'm still reading the wonderful series Love Your Business with Heather and friends and I think I fall in love with it more with each new post.
Today's post with Bubby & Bean really spoke to me the most. They are all inspiring and helpful, but I felt like I related most to Melissa's post. 
I won't go into detail about the post or anything, but if you are interested please check it out! I highly recommend today's post if you are looking for some encouragement and direction. Owning your own business is a full-time job and a half. Melissa breaks it down and gives you some pointers to help relieve the stress and calm your fears.

On anther note, I've been feeling very creative lately and enjoying making some little at home creations. It has been relaxing and a great experience :) I am hoping to launch my very own website/shop/blog site soon! Keep a look out for some Redheaded creations :)

Oh! And I'm in love with my new royal blues :)
[happy thursday pretty things]
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Ashley Marie said...

I LOVE your figure! I also LOVE you're ability to have gorgeous red hair and wear such bright colors. It speaks wonders about your personality! I so hope one day we get to meet for reals!