Friday, February 17

a moment of lost time

A friend from high school tagged me in this photo and it made my heart flutter. So I thought I would share a moment from my senior year :) Sometimes I really miss high school.
And yes. We are matching. That's what high school buddies do lol.
How times have changed.
[happy friday!!!!!]
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Ashley Marie said...

I JUST found a bunch of old high school photos. I can't believe my 10th year reunion is coming up next year!

haha, we used to match it up all of the time!

Nicole said...

I remember those days and I remember matching too! I included you in a link up girly (:

Kat said...

haha aw what a cute pic!!! :)

Jen said...

That pic is adorable. I miss high school friends, but I don't miss anything else about high school. :)

Happy weekend!