Monday, February 20

bold & proud :)

So yesterday I made my first steps toward going to the FIRE look that I have been wanting since last summer :)
I got my hair cut and layered (totally different from ANYTHING I've ever done) and coming soon (right before summer which is when I want to get it done for) I will be getting it done in fire :)

I met the most amazing stylist yesterday and we hit it off. When I told her the color I wanted to achieve, she told me that with my skin and eyes, I can def pull it off [which is a relief to hear, since I have been a redhead my whole life lol]. She gave me her personal cell number [yes. we are that cool now] and she will be going to another salon, so I need a way to track her down by the time summer draws near.
So coming this summer, the fire redhead will be back :) Super excited and nervous of course [bleach & I aren't that good of friends just yet].

hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!!!

[happy president's day wonderful people!]
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CourtneyJo of The Everything Soap Blog said...

I love your pictures. I found your blog through Nicole from nmephotoblog.

Style By Cesca said...

Very bold look. The hair looks gorgeous on you. Now following your blog! Feel free to check mine out at

Jade Hill said...

I love your new hair cut mami! I cannot wait till it goes FIRE!! Im so excited! tee hee If I do come down for any reason I want to take pics for your business. know what I mean? =)
also This outfit (even though I HATE animal print) looks so bad ass on you!! girl I love the peek-a-boo sleeves the pencil skirt cut your waist looks PERFECT! and girl those legs Idk if you were born that way or if its the cut of the skirt but DAMN girl!!! those legs! =) love you baby!! also she may not need a lot of bleach you already have such a light red I doubt she needs to do a lot of stripping.... of hair... HA!

Angie said...

This set of pictures are fab! Lovin the lips. xo