Tuesday, January 24

Wish! {out loud}

I wish I could host a blogging party like this one.
I finally am participating in a blogging party where I get to meet a seriously awesome blogger, get to know her, send a cute care package to her (as well as receive one), and then we will blog and link-up about it!!  I've had so much fun meeting my blogging partner and finding out all these interesting facts about her and then going home over the weekend and making a cute care package for her :) [won't share what I'm sending her because, one: that's for her to do and two: she hasn't received it yet and I don't want to spoil the surprise :) ]. I would love to host one, but not sure I would have enough participants just yet. 

If you get the chance to host/participate in a blogging party, totally do it!! It's fun and makes you feel special.
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Ashley Marie said...

Ah me too! I want to do a gift exchange sooo badly. I'd link up with you!

Have you heard of The Blog Tap? Lauren & Rushelle (from Digging Deeper) started this new networking site. You should post your idea and look for supporters or someone to team up with! I would def be throwing myself out there but I'm hella overwhelmed right now :(

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

yay for blogging parties! i still have yet to go to one but i know you will be great at hosting girl!
xo TJ