Wednesday, January 4

new year resolutions

Usually I don't do New Year Resolutions, but decided to join in the 'fun' this year and made a couple of goals I would like to see happen this year [some practical, others are not. But hey, dream big :) ]
2012 Theme: Healthier

a. be healthier - i know this is a total cliché but it's a habit I would like to make
- eat healthier (good luck lol)
- workout (on week 2 already! yay me)
- drink water (this should be easy since I love water)

b. healthier spirit - having a relationship with God is not enough. I want to invest, develop and grow that relationship.
-get back to church regularly (fellowship is def important)
-pray often (more than once a day, start talking to Him more)
-read the Word (it's a lifestyle, not a fad)

c. develop healthier relationships - 2011 taught me that I don't invest enough in my friends; 2012 will be different
-make time for friends (it's easy for me to get consumed in work)
-keep appointments/dates (I'm infamous for changing up plans at the last moment)
-become a regular in my friends lives (right now I'm a visitor

d. healthier Lindoship - your spouse is your other half, and if part of you isn't happy, all of you is unhealthy
- make time for date nights (with our busy lives, it's easy to sit at home and just hang out. which is good, but going out and doing something as a couple is important also)
-always ask about his day & converse regularly (I know I blame a lot of my non-free-time on work, but it's def a reason, but no excuses. I should make an effort to ask him about his day and talk about anything that he feels like talking about)
-take care of his needs (I'm pretty good about this one, but I need to learn to balance taking care of him BEFORE I go out for the night)

e. healthier business - having a business is not enough, I would like to grow/gain more business this year
-develop/adapt new marketing style (developing my twitter feeds and harness my blogging skills)
-create incentives (giveaways are awesome and free stuff is a huge incentive to most folks. this year I would like to do giveaways and sponsorships)
-reward the loyal (I love getting $10 in the mail randomly from VS. course I know that means I've spent about $100+ to earn it, but it keeps me coming back. I would like to adapt something similar for my loyal customers)

f. healthier wardrobe - I would love to embrace my style this year and find the courage to rock my looks
-mix & match pieces (I don't need to buy new pieces really [course I love to] but by mixing my closet up, I can achieve a lot of 'me' looks)
-become & embrace bold (I'm a loud outspoken person by nature but I tone down my fits a lot to fit in with the 'normal' world. this year I want to embrace my little crazy style and rock it the best I can)
-out with the old, in with the new (this goes for not only my favorite pieces that I have literally worn out and can't seem to let go of, but for my lifestyle as well)



Kat said...

great resolutions! :) you look sooo gorgeous in that dress!!! love your bag! ^-^ happy new years! :)

Redheaded Daybook said...

aw. thank you! you're sweet :) hopefully i will have more cute looks

Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

love that bag and those shoes!

Redheaded Daybook said...

thank you megan! those shoes are my absolute favorite!!!!
$15 at charlotte russe :)

Cassidy said...

I love your bold colors in your outfit!!!

Redheaded Daybook said...

really?!. thank you cassidy. im going to try more bold colors this year :)