Friday, January 20

life is beautiful

To set the tone: I am listening to Walk on the Water by Britt Nicole.

I'm feeling very inspired and encouraged. There are a couple ladies who blogs I read religiously and they are pregnant; exciting and complicated. There stories are for them to tell. What I want to say is that I feel very blessed and cared for. Reading these wonderful womens blogs I have found a new appreciation for life. 

For the most part I'm pretty happy about life. Things are wonderful all around, and the things that aren't I have learned eventually work themselves out. My prayer is that I keep this feeling of blessed and joy even if/when the storm comes in. 

Life is too short to dwell on the things that could have been, should have been, wished I hads and if onlys. I want to keep living in the moment and take each day one at a time. Because you are not promised tomorrow, or even the next moment. 

There are so many wonderful things in life. So many fun things to experience, and some life lessons that though are hard to learn when they are happening, make you stronger and better if you let them.

This was a much more serious post, but sometimes I think it's important to remind others and especially yourself that you are wonderfully and fearfully made. We can do great things, no matter our back story. 

2012 has been great so far; here's to the rest of the most exciting and rich-filled year!! 
[2012 won't make itself great on its own, it's going to take ME to do it. Same is true in your life]

[happy friday]


Ashley Marie said...

oooh so true

I have seen people's lives ruined because they can't ever seem to get past missed opportunities or blatant failure and then miss others that might have been better.

It's my mission to enjoy the experiences of my life. After all, memories are made by experience!

Jade Hill said...

love this mama! so true