Wednesday, January 11

peter pan

I think I have a slight obsession with belts....
 I think this look is cute. Reminded me of Peter Pan so I ran around calling myself Pan for the day hehe. But I'm loving this navy color, especially with the gray. AND, found a new obsession (belts).
Top [Fashion 4 U]
Belt [Wet Seal - in brown]
Leggings [Victorias Secret]
Boots [small shop in the mall]
Ice Bracelets [Monet - I'm wearing three for thickness]
Ice Earrings [Charter Club - similar to these]


Object of Maya*ffection said...

You're adorable! Thanx for stopping by my blog doll and the sweet comment about the green nails - I heart that green color!

Jade Hill said...

favorite!! Omg! you look so adorable!!