Friday, January 6

fashion friday!

Felt like being a little silly today :) Love my sweater dress! Just added a belt, leggings, vest and boots = love. hehe. Don't worry, I'm going to go more bold, just wanted to get this out of my system lol.
Sweater Dress [Materialize Me]
Belt [Fashion 4 U] - little place by my house
Vest [F21]
Boots [Ross]

Fashion Friday brought to you by this beautiful soul

So! Last night at the gym, The Game got escorted out of the gym for FIGHTING! I couldn't believe a fight had broken out in the middle of the gym! I for one go there to blow the steam but on the machines and rubber mats, not a fellows face. But hey, men are all testosterone. It was pretty sweet to see 40 employees run out from everywhere to assist, least I know that there is always going to be someone there to assist :) 


Kat said...

these pics are sooo cute! love your cardi :D

Kori Donahue said...

You are adorable! Thanks for linking up honey! Kori xoxo

Nicole said...

Cute photos. Keep it up!

Check out mines sometime:

Redheaded Daybook said...

thanks kat! thats my favorite cardi :)

thank you kori!!! i love your fashion fridays! hoping to adopt it to my blog too.

your so sweet nicole!! ill check yours out :)

Jade Hill said...

love the top layering very cute!