Tuesday, January 17

Wish! {out loud}

I wish to build up my wardrobe.
I've mentioned before that one of my goals this year is to rock the clothing I love!! Sometimes it's bold, sassy or mixed. Now I wish to build up my wardrobe and don't let fear get in the way of buying that super cute, bold and loud pair of shorts. But of course I'm making it a wish, cause it takes money haha. 
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Ashley Marie said...

I made a decision at one point to stop throwing away my clothes that didn't fit and save them for fluctuating sizes and fashion trends.

I've been one broke kitten for as long as I can ever remember... my secret? Ross and every thrift store I can walk in to. I also don't limit myself to what 'fits'. I buy large and xlarge tops to get the slinky boho look that's so popular.

Thanks for linking up last week!

Alyssa said...

Love, love, love your wish! That would definitely be mine too!! I need a wardrobe makeover haha!