Wednesday, December 7

who is that!

So the results are in from my Black Friday Purchase!!!!
So I LOVE the Mermaid Tail Turquoise Big Bow Hairclip. It literally reminds me of Ariel! So big and pretty. I'm in love with this bow. 

I tried it on last night just so I could get a couple photos, but I'll be sure to post up better ones when I actually do my hair and wear the bow out :) But I LOVE it.
Thought this photo was just creative lol.
The next item I got was the Sweet Love Poppy Garland Headband. Now, purchasing this was a test of faith because I look TERRIBLE in headbands & hats. It breaks my heart when I can't pull off some cute hats and headbands :( But I think this one is pretty cute :)
Wore it to work today with a fluff in the back. Kinda cute :)
Kay lovelies! Don't forget to get your stocking stuffers!! I still have some of the super cute holiday scarves left :) They are def cuter on, you can check out where I'm wearing them here (pink & blue). They are now available on my website as well, so be sure to visit my store and look under "Accessories".

[happy wonderful Wednesday! we're almost there]


Kat said...

aww your big bow is soooo cute!!!! love it! :D

Object of Maya*ffection said...

I LOVE your phone cover! The bow is cute too!

Redheaded Daybook said...

I love this bow so thank you :)
And thanks! That phone cover is my favorite :)