Tuesday, December 6

from my niece to you

My little niece is such a character. She poses for photos all the time and is always telling me stuff about stuff.  Everything and anything she thinks of, she shares with me.  I love this little girl.

Yesterday, Lily packed to go home and in the Garcia house, when someone is going home, the whole family comes over and makes a party of it (like I said, my favorite difference). So while Lily and her daughter packed, the boys and the gfs watched, ate pie and laughed at silly stories and the grandkids played with my phone taking photos and playing Angry Birds.

It was emotional for me to watch Lily leave. After our Sunday encounter, I wanted her to start her stay all over again! But she's headed home today, but I know she will be back.

My niece wanted me to share her photos with you :) I know some are blurry but she learned to use the flash AND my photo effects [all these are done by her].

Her Tio Jorge and Tio Lindo
 Her brother [this guy is so cute and funny]
She's my little photographer in training :)
Great job Paola <3


Kat said...

aww your cousin is so adorable!!! :D


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