Monday, December 19

weekend madness!!

This weekend was literally madness! I had so much going on I didn't know what to do with myself half the time lol.

Friday I stopped by my mom's to say good-bye to my mother and baby brothers (although they are looking more like men everyday) and to give my little ones their Christmas gift - they flew home to see my grandparents for Christmas on Saturday morning. I took some fun photos and they took some interesting ones too :)

Saturday I felt like a mad woman. Running around picking up decorations, cleaning house, rearranging, decorating and just getting ready for my First Christmas Party (total success by the way).

Sunday, Lindo and I slept. ALOT lol. But I made time to clean the entire house (disaster after our party) and I almost knocked out ALL my laundry, so I'm pretty proud of myself lol and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the feeling of such a clean home :)

Overall, the weekend ROCKED! Photos of the whole shabang below :)


 I missed catching their expressions, so I asked them to reenact lol
 Couldn't get him to smile, so I licked his ear and we both started busting up.
 my big strong boys lol.
I made a lot of my decorations :)
More photos to come, but I'm going to write about my First Christmas Gathering experience :)
I know, I'm a little goofy :)
Love you guys!

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