Friday, December 2

glass of wine is good for the blood

Last night my office hosted an event for Assembly Member Cathleen Galgiani.  We support her because she is a major signer and pusher for one of our projects (one I'm working on) hehe.  California High Speed Rail.
It was a success, and we met a lot of supporters.
There was music, wine, food and good conversation all throughout. 
Felt a little like Christmas Eve with all the gathering, laughing and jokes.
Love to start the season off right :) 
 I don't care for wine but this was AMAZING! Bubbly. Sweet. And pretty Yummy! Plus, unlike most wines, the alcohol content is like 5%. Glass of wine is suppose to be good for you right?!.
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 Love Christmas lights in the city.
Overall: fun and successful evening.


Kat said...

you are sooo pretty! :) thanks so much for you help on hair dyeing! :D

Redheaded Daybook said...

Your always so sweet Kat!
Thank you & you're very welcome :) Hope it helped.