Tuesday, December 27

christmas weekend madness!!

Christmas weekend was madness! I'm exhausted but happy :) Spent time with family & friends, opened gifts, ate tons of food, watch the True Meaning of Christmas play at church, went out and attended several family & friends Christmas parties. I have to say; although I love Christmas, I'm so glad it's over for now lol. 

Here's some peekshures of the wonderful moments I had this weekend [compliments of my Thunderbolt hehe]

 That little girl with the microphone...yea I use to babysit her when she was in diapers and bottles!!! Talk about making me feel super old!
 So bad that I gorged on super unhealthy food this weekend.
My bestie visiting from Denver - we have an ongoing joke that he's from Chicago, because I'm blonde and kept telling everyone Chicago lol.
 Thought this was an awesome photo of the ceiling at Barney's Beanry in Burbank.
Christmas party at my brother's house :)
 My sister-in-law
 These teens make me look so old!!! lol
My baby brother!!!!!!! I love him soooooooo much :)
 HAHAHAH! This photo cracks me up!
 My brother & his gf's kids :) lol
Saturday Lindo & I went to Irwindale to work on the Natural Balance's float for the Rose Parade!! I walked around and got some photos of the floats in progress :) So neat!!!
 They first put all the floats together as small figures and then construct them into GIANT  

Fun and exhausting weekend :) PLUS!!! Yesterday I went ahead and got started on one of my New Year's Resolutions: go back to the gym :) Signed up and got started yesterday. Will be hitting the gym hard for the next two weeks (everyday) and then I will cut back to three days a week :) SUPER sore today already.  


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Kat said...

hope you had a wonderful holiday darling! :D