Friday, December 16

this is what i love about 2nd families

Last night was my company's Holiday Party and it was a blast! Tons of food, fun, prizes and people. It was awesome because we hired casino people to come set-up tables and fake money for our gamblers enjoyment lol. There were some real competitions going on.
We cater wonderful food including sushi (yum), rolls, fruit and much more - I got some photos of the food, it looked and tasted so good!
We gave away little pen sets with our company's logo and raffled off 7 super awesome gift baskets (I didn't win this time lol).
We had charactertures come out and do some fun drawings of us as well - think Lindo and mine turned out the best lol.
Overall = FUN! and a total success. But today my whole body hurts and my brain is on shut down. Hosting is  hard work, especially when you make all the decorations and try to keep everyone entertained and happy :)

 this little guy stole my heart

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