Tuesday, December 20

rockmelting my heart

I promised my friend that I would test this browser out and then review it in my blog; so here's my thought :)

Note: images are from Google as I didn't have time to take my own and add my own captions. The set-up in these photos are different from my set-up, but you get the idea :)

A friend turned me onto this new browser called Rockmelt and asked me to just try it and see if I liked it. At first I was skeptical (as usual when I already love what I'm using - in this case Chrome) but I decided to give it a shot and all I can say is, I will never social network the same again!

Rockmelt truly brings all your favorite social networks to one place as well as your favorite things to do; for me, blogs I read daily, Gmail and of course Twitter & FB.

On your right you have your online Facebook friends (in the photos it's on the left) with the option to turn your availability off and on (which I love because sometimes, I'm not feeling very chatty lol). And on the left you have all your RSS feeds like blogs, news, articles, twitter, gmail, etc (you add what you are interested in on this side). Plus! It's completely customizeable (not a word, but it is now). My biggest pet peeve when gadget shopping is Can I Make This Me? - which is why I got the HTC Thunderbolt over the iPhone4S (but we can talk on that later. 

Rockmelt is designed for you to design. Period. Everything I see and want is on the left side of my hand. And I can change it as often or never as I want. Anytime someone posts a new blog, new article, new tweet, new post on FB, I am notified INSTANTLY. I feel like I am so informed and up-to-date it reminds me of that tailgate commercial - that's how I feel.

I'm still fairly new to the Rockmelt world, but these last few months have been the best experience EVER.
Try it out (and of course it's FREE - my favorite magical word). And let me know if you love, hate or eh it :)


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Kat said...

hmm this sounds interesting! maybe i'll try it out too :)